Abstract During recent decades great attention was

During recent decades great attention was given to multilingualism in terms of a new concept rapidly emerging in what now is called the ”modern world”. Nowadays, multilingual people are considerably widespread and make up majority of today’s population. It is necessary to outline that various factors such as immigration, social and employment needs have led to multilingual communities. Hence, this paper seeks to investigate how multilingual learners deal with code switching whilst they have acquired high proficiency level in other languages despite English which is their target Language. A particular attention will be drawn to examine how they use code switching in means of communication tool in academic and pragmatic use. Due to multilingual teaching and learning awareness it seems that students code switching’ is a common increasingly phenomenon that might affect everyone in the modern societies.
As times goes by, invaluable books and research have arose code switching issues in bilingual learners but none or few of them may encounter code switching in multilingual issues.
According to Jessner (2009) multilingualism has been a subject of interest during the last decades.
Since multilingualism has acquired a very wide range of meanings different authors have given various definitions of the term multilingualism. In descriptive terms, it has been defined by Braun (1937) as: “the attribute of an individual who possesses active and passive comprehensive proficiency in two or more languages”. In that way a person is named to be polyglot or multilingual if he is able to speak or understand more than two languages.

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