Abstract: or services performance in a single

Abstract:Inthis modern era Cloud Computing has become a scalable services consumption anddelivery platform in the field of services Computing. Cloud business is becomemore popular day by day but for a business point of view it is very important”How to build trust of a customer?” because when a customer (whether it is auser or a business) buy something he spends his money. So whenever the userpurchases something he will make sure that the product is reliable. So for thispurpose we are creating a dashboard to build the customer interest.

Dashboardis the key factor to develop a user interest. Different websites are providingthe dashboard for different products but this work is scattered as thesedashboard are especially for a certain products or services not for all productor services. So we are providing an interface that shows all product orservices performance in a single screen called dashboard.

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It facilitates theuser to make decision about a product or services whether he wants to purchaseit or not. The main aim of our research is to create the user trust. There areso many different companies in cloud computing who are providing similarservices so the user finds difficulties to choose the right company so in thispaper we are trying to solve this problem.Introduction:Themore effort you require from a customer when making a purchase, the greater therisk you run of them churning – that is, canceling their subscription or not makinga repeat purchase.The greater effort you require from a consumer evenas creatinga buy, the greater the chance you run of them churning – thatis, canceling their subscription or not creatinga repeat purchase. Surveyfound that 77% of customers say “valuing their time is the most important thinga company can do to provide them with good online customer service.

” If these customersaren’t getting the service they feel they deserve, 55% of customer is quitehappy abandon their shopping carts.Cloudcomputing has become paradigm of computing and IT service delivery, however anypotential user of cloud service they will ask “can I trust this cloud service?”Furthermore, what exactly does “trust” mean in the context of cloud computing? Whatis the basis of trust? If the attribute of cloud service are used as evidencefor trust judgment on the service, on what basis user believe the attributesclaimed by cloud providers? Who are the authorities to monitor mea- sure, assess,or validate cloud attributes? The answers to those questions are essential forwide adoption of cloud computing and for cloud computing to evolve in to atrust- worthy computing paradigm.(Required reading more paper)Inthis paper we investigate trust mechanisms for the cloud, present our vision ofthe”societal systems mechanisms” of trust and a framework for analyzing trustrelations in the cloud, and suggest mechanism which combine attributecertification, evidence-based trust and policy-based trust because of the criticalityof many computing services and tasks, some cloud clients cannot make decisionabout employing a cloud service base solely on informal trust mechanisms (e.g. webbased reputation scores) ; these decisions based on formal trust mechanisms theattribute of cloud service are used as evidence for the user trust judgment onthe service and belief in those attributes is based on “formal” certificationand chain of trust for validation.     We live in a public affected by what we gather fromonline audits, purchaser reports, number of stars, positioning, and so forth.

Today like never, customer need to know they can trust organizations to give apositive ordeal before choosing to make a purchase or even. Customersare confused and have hard time in the selection of the product because thereare so many choices. In onlineexploration customers cannot determine or examine the quality of theproduct only through textual and graphical description. The customers deserve to know more informationabout product, so there is need for an application. Media reports can represent the moment of truth anybusiness instant particularly another business.

      Problem statement:Weare going to develop a dashboard which provide a user/customer accurate ratingresults of product as well as product’s company. That will make user assurethat the products are reliable and he can fully trust and can invest on productare buy that one. In this modern era user needs full satisfaction beforeinvesting on something are buying something that the product and company isreliable or not. Previously there is no such that dashboard are systemavailable that provide all of the ratings in single interface on cloud.

So weare going to provide all that on single platform (which is by product and bycompany) which will show user all he need to know by using graphical interface.Trust:Youcan buy just about anything on the internet. Tired mom’s and dad’s can orderdiapers and baby formula at a fraction of retail price, and frazzled on-the-goprofessionals can subscribe to monthly shipments of healthy snacks, socks, andtoiletries.Withall these everybody purchase (and potential for repeat purchases) up for grabsonline companies are trying to slash price and increase the ease andconvenience of their shopping experiences.Butfor online-only companies, successfully competing with traditionalbrick-and-mortar powerhouses often hinges on one every simple but importantfactor: Trust, consistency fast and reliable shipping, brand-name products, andcustomer service are all factor that contribute to growing that trust.Retailersthat can maintain high standards in these areas have the greatest chance ofsuccess because-aside from lower prices and the sheer convenience orderingonline-trust is what keeps customers coming back.

Three traits of a trusted company:Lowprices, fast delivery, and a wide range of brand-name products all helpmotivate the consumer to try a retailer, but to truly differentiate themselvesand earn loyalty from their customers online-only retailers must go the extrastep to build the trust.Onlinecompanies must build trust by: Consistent:Failingto deliver on a promise even once destroys credibility. Online retailers mustbe consistent across the board, from product and packaging quality to reliable,on-time delivery.Accessible:Evenif customer can’t see you, they still want to know you’re there.

A qualitycustomer service team that effectively answers customer inquiries provides thereassurance of dealing with real person.Rewarding:Long-termincentive program work-just as they do offline. Points, loyalty bonusses, andrewards are great are ways to get people coming back.

Amazon Prime, for exampleis a shipping incentive program that will ship any qualified item within 48hours for only $79 per year. It draws an incredibility loyal shopper who notonly wants to get the value of that investment but also grows accustomed to receiving product in less than 48 hours.Consumersare more price-conscious than ever, but better price may only persuade consumersto take the initial risk of trying an online retailer real trust and loyalty  are built throw delivering hassle-free ,consumer oriented experiences our and our again.Methodology:Wheneveruser browses our dashboard firstly a video of few seconds starts playing. That videois just welcome our user so that get to know we value our users/customers. And thenuser redirect to our system main screen.

In main screen page there are twosearching categories which are by company or by product. In both cases i.e. ifuser clicks any of these two then the next page will be rating screen on that isa cluster of cloud which show companies and products and their rang. For ratingwe are using formula to calculate them accurately.

If user clicks on anycompany cloud then a bar graph will appear on screen that will show userdetails of that specific companies’ product and their rating. After that usercan fully trust and can take right decision about purchasing a product.  Mathematical Model: Product/Company New Company Old Company New product ·         Give then the rating of those products which have same specification.

·         Give then the rating of company which is by first user. Old product ·         In this no condition exist. In this 2 conditions exist: Ø  Product Rating Ø  Company Rating  Wehave to drive 6 different formulas for product rating.·        Screen   ·        Display   ·        Picture  ·        Features   ·        Sound  ·        Grains Rating     Let’s see how rating formulae work; which factorshave more priority than other factors that show the customer interest aboutthese factors.

Customer has more focus on these factors when he wants to purchasethe LED TV. The rating is basically the rating which is calculated against specificfiltration. And then will take product of all. And it’s divided by the additionof all factors rating. And total rating is form how many we calculated thatrating i.

e., 5. And then it’s divided by the total number of factors rating.Bar Graph:


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