Abstract: properties or quantities related to the thermodynamics

Abstract: As the title of the lab suggests, the purpose of this lab is to measure the solubility of borax and other properties or quantities related to the thermodynamics of the borax solvation reaction. We found the concentration of dissolved Borax used in each beaker in the experiment. Then, by drawing a graph of the reciprocal of temperature against the natural logarithm of the equilibrium constant, we found the enthalpy and entropy of borax using the slope and intercept.

Introduction: The effect of the thermodynamic quantities enthalpy and entropy will give Gibbs free energy. This can be done by subtracting the product of temperature and entropy from enthalpy. Through the value of Gibbs free energy, we can determine whether or not a reaction can occur spontaneously or not. If the free energy is less than 0 then the reaction is spontaneous and vice-versa. The direction in which a reaction proceeds can also determine by the value of theequilibrium constant.

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If K is greater than 1 then the reaction is spontaneous and will proceed to produce products.


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