Abraham family moved again to Hurricane Township Abraham

Abraham Lincoln grew up in a small log cabin in Sinking Spring Farm in Hodgenville, Kentucky with his two siblings, Sarah Lincoln Grigsby and Thomas Lincoln Jnr.His parents were Thomas and Nancy LincolnSoon the Lincoln family was forced to move eight miles east to Knob Creek farm due to land disagreementSoon his family moved again to Hurricane Township Abraham was only properly educated for a year, however, he learned from others and recited what he heard which helped him to become more knowledgeable.

Abraham spent most of his childhood on their family farm.When Abraham was nine he lost his mother from an illness and his father remarried to Sarah Johnston who already had three childrenWhen Abraham was 19, his sister, Sarah, also sadly died when she gave birth to a child.When Abraham was 21 he moved by himself to Illinois and established a farm.When he was 42 he married Mary Todd Lincoln From then he became a boatman, store clerk, surveyor, soldier and a lawyerHe then was elected to Illinois Legislature which kick-started his political career.

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