Abnormal mood disorder. For example it affects

Abnormal behavior is a common type of mental health and also a serious mood disorder. For example it affects how we feel, think and act in negative manner. People who is suffering from abnormal behavior would normally experience difficult in coping with daily routine, difficult in making decisions and loss interest in activity they enjoyThere are many effective treatments for abnormal behavior from the psychologist, one of it will be talk therapy where it involves discussing the person’s problem and how they feel with a trained psychologist.

In fact an experienced psychologist can help a patient to detect patterns of thought or behavior that contribute to their depression. For example the patient might be given homework, such as tracking their moods or writing in journals. Besides that the psychologist also will teach the patient some exercise to reduce stress and anxiety and help them to understand their illness.Secondly psychologist can use psychotherapy to recognize conflicts in the patient’s relationship in their early stage.

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According to International Psychology Centre, when there is a relationship problem between husband and wife, the person will seek help from them through the center for couple and marital therapy. For the first session the psychologist will detect whether the client is suffering from severe anxiety. If yes the psychologist will explain to the client that everyone has normal reactions to stressful situations. In fact it is normal to have anxiety, yet it affects daily life if it persists for a short time. Through psychotherapy the client leant to identify bad thoughts that trigger negative emotions and behavioral responses and to challenge those dysfunctional thoughts by coming up with alternative rational ways of thinking. In fact the person able to take control of her life by relieving herself from anxiety and cope with future life stressors. Furthermore through behavior therapy, the psychologist uses the principles of learning to address abnormal behavior.

For example systematic desensitization can be used to treat phobias. Where the person is gradually exposed to fear inducing stimuli while remaining deeply relaxed. This helps the individual associate the fear inducing stimuli with more positive feelings.However in cognitive therapy, it focuses on changing maladaptive thinking. The psychologist challenges irrational thoughts and help the client develop more positive way of thinking. For example psychologist to help a client with depression, and identify self-defeating thoughts that are maintaining the depression and then will have the client change those thoughts to positive ones.

Besides that according to humanistic therapy, it focuses on the individual’s conscious, personal, subjective experiences. The main form of humanistic therapy is Carl Roger’s person centered therapy. A psychologist uses this type of therapy expresses unconditional positive regards to create an environment of acceptance where the person can work towards full filling a natural drive towards growth. Empathy is a primary tool used in humanistic therapy by the psychologist to demonstrate to the client that she/he understands his/her feelings and experiences. In the other hand psychodynamic therapy is based on Sigmund Freud’s theories, and focuses on helping individuals resolve unconscious conflicts. A psychologist using this type of therapy will use transference relationships in therapy to help individuals resolve emotional conflicts.

For instance a client in psychotherapy will react to the psychologist in a way she/he reacts or interacts with other important individuals in their life, like a mother or father.


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