ABC s of the Renaissance essay

Abs’s of the Renaissance Architecture The renaissance places a great deal of its design on symmetry, proportion, and on geometry. Many beautiful building came from this period for example “Timeout did San Pitter in Monitor Rome in 1502. Books (literature) Books during the renaissance were very expensive and were passed down from generation from generation. Only the wealthy had books because only one copy could be made at a time and printing presses were very expensive.

And example of a book from that time was “The Medici” which was remade in 2003 by Paul Strangers.Counter reformation & the Jesuits The counter reformation was the long period of the catholic rivalry. The rivalry started when martin Luther posted the “95 thesis” on the door of the catholic church, this act got him excommunicated.

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The catholic rivalry started with the council of Trend. The council of Trend began in 1545 and lasted till 1563. The Jesuits are “members of Jesus” they are missionary’s that are opposing the reformation. Dad Vinci Leonardo Dad Vinci was a literal Italian genius who was also a polymath, painter, sculptor, architecture, musician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, eulogist, cartography, botanist, writer.Dad Vinci inspired designs of hydraulics and many other mechanical inventions. One of Leonardo inventions is the viola organist which was an experimental instrument. Dad Vinci was a painter and much more during the renaissance . Therefore he was part of the renaissance.

English reformation ( Henry VIII and Elizabeth l) Henry VIII Started the Protestant Reformation in England. King Henry VIII was Excommunicated from the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Church of England. He was able to get the nobility to go along with him by giving them church property.When Henry, a Tudor king died, his daughter Mary took the throne. Elizabeth half sister and daughter of Henry, became queen after Mar’s death.

She wanted Catholics and Protestants to exist together in England. She avoided a civil war in three ways- 1. She never married (the virgin queen) so she did not have to take the faith of her husband 2. She was tolerant of both religions 3. She instilled nationalism in both Protestants and Catholics by going to war against Spain Both Henry and Elizabeth encouraged art and the Florence Florence was ruled by the Medici family (a wealthy banking family).The Medici family lived in Florence and they sponsored many artist encouraging the Gutenberg, Johann Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. This affected the renaissance greatly by making books affordable by mass production.

This allowed the average person to read up on current events and get fairly cheap literature. Humanism (include Patriarch, Dante, and Erasmus) Patriarch, Dante, and Erasmus are the 3 kings of humanism. They started making literature during the renaissance stirring it up greatly it up greatly. Industry Industry affected the trade during the renaissance.This allowed for men to use their many talents. John Calvin John Calvin created Calvinist. Calvinist is a major branch of Protestantism that follows the theological tradition and forms.

This affected the renaissance because Calvinist was putting god before all things, but the renaissance put man before all things. Kings The renaissance affected the king by putting the pope above the king. This gave the king less power and the pope more power. Luther, Martin Luther martin took part in what today is called the protestant reformation. He was born November,10,1483. He wrote the 95 thesis and posted it on the hurt door.This caused martin Luther to be excommunicated.

Medici The Medici family was a great contributor to the renaissance. The rich banking family sponsored artist like Leonardo De Vinci. Newton, Sir Isaac Sir Isaac Newton was a fantastic mathematician and physicist.

Sir Isaac Newton was a major player in the renaissance because of his inventions. His most famous invention is the reflecting telescope. Being able to see the sky up-close also inspired many pieces of art. Othello(and more Shakespeare plays) Othello is a famous play by Shakespeare in written approximately 1603 and iris put on as a play on November,l , 1604.The plays theme was tragedy. Shakespeare also made other plays such as Comedy History Tragedy Poetry Antonym and Cleopatra Coriolanus Hamlet Julius Caesar King Lear Macbeth Othello Romeo and Juliet Timing of Athens Titus Androgenic The Sonnets A Lover’s Complaint The Rape of Lucre Venus and Adonis Funeral Elegy by WAS All’s Well That Ends Well As You Like It The Comedy of Errors Symbolize Love’s Labors Lost Measure for Measure The Merry Wives of Wi indoors The Merchant of Venice A Midsummer Night’s Dream Much Ado About Nothing Eng Prices, Prince of TreeTaming of the Shrew The Tempest Turmoil and Caressed Twelfth Night Two Gentlemen of Ever Henry IV, part Henry ‘V, part Henry V Henry VI, part Henry Evil King John Richard II 2 3 “prince, The” (written by Machiavelli) “The prince” was distributed in 151 3, but it was not printed until 1532, five years after Machiavellian death.

Some people claim “the prince” to be one of the first works Of modern philosophy. Questions(criticism of the church) The biggest criticism of the catholic church was selling indulgences. This is when someone would get paid to be cleansed from all their sins. RaphaelRaphael is a famous painter and architect. He had many works of art ranging from the school of Athens to a self portrait he painted in 1506. Sistine chapel ceiling( and other works of Michelangelo The Sistine chapel ceiling was painted from 1 504 to 1513.

This artwork features gold plating. And is 133′ long and eddied. Other works of his include the statue of David(1504), and the last judgment. Titan Titan was a famous 16th century painter.

He expressed feeling by color. His happy paintings were vivid while his mature painting were dark. His works include “Bacchus and Ridden”, and “Diana and Octagon”

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