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Yet I kept in mind that the other parties will have completely different opinions on my goals. My third ND final goal was to keep the stock price as low as possible. I knew that the seller was going to want to sell at the highest price possible, so I made sure to make an alliance with the DUD to gain more leverage on lowering the stock price. All of the other parties were very professional during the meetings.

Everyone dressed appropriately, really took on their roles and negotiated like it was a real life deal.All of us took notes and made calculations very often throughout the negotiation. Each party was persistent on getting the best deal possible collectively. We all wanted to make everyone happy. Lessons earned This negotiation is actually a real life case.

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The takeover failed. There are certain situations, good or bad, that could impact a company any time after a deal is made. Would not have thought of the union stirred up bad press for the DUD. You have to make sure you think of every situation possible and include it in the contract to protect your company.

In the real case, there was too large of a potential agreement zone (between $4. 20 and $8. 57 per share). Most of the parties were just too greedy and did not want to give up anything. In order for negotiations to work, you must give some to get some. You Anton expect to get everything you want and not give up something. If you fail to collaborate, you will not solve any problems and neither party will be happy. Surprises encountered At the end of the first meeting, there was a twist thrown at all of the negotiating groups.

Each party gathered new information that would impact the deal.The seller (II) felt that because of the new information, he had more leverage on the price of stocks because of his very specific numbers. The buyer (DUD) and I were negotiating down to pennies at the third and final meeting. The seller said he could not go any lower than $5. 54 per share. Since e gave us his lowest price possible, we gave him a longer management contract. The buyer (DUD) felt more confident about this Susie Air deal than their best alternative. I found out that they had a couple of other options for deals that I was unaware of until I got the surprise new information.

I was told that there was credible information regarding negotiations concerning an aircraft maintenance outsourcing deal between DUD and a Malaysian company. But DEJA felt that the Susie Air deal was way better than anything they were offered before. This new information that was given to the parties created an incentive to reach an agreement. Once the negotiation was over, one thing that I found interesting was that the union was the only party to get plus 600 points for staging a sickout. The rest of the parties had negative points for a sickout.

I also found out in my new information that if I delayed the deal, would receive 400 points and lose 300. But since I wanted to make everyone happy and not cause a sickout, I felt it was not worth the extra 100 points for me. All of the parties had excellent judgment and we all worked well together.

Changes you would make for future negotiations Before closing the deal in a big group, I would make sure to bring up any alee-added options to the table. I did not get to mention some of my ideas at the end of the negotiation since there was a time constraint.It is also hard to bring up a new topic when many parties are focused on a specific issue for a lengthy amount of time.

For future negotiations, will make sure to bring up my deal sweeteners such as worker-training programs, technology improvements, and increasing advertisement. Your group’s overall satisfaction with the outcomes/contract. Why or why not? My group’s final offer was 100% jobs kept for the pre-takeover agreement, plus all jobs in Australia for five years; a four year management contract; 5. 54 per share; no sickouts; and no delays. We are all very satisfied with this contract.

At first, it was hard getting on the same page with everyone. But when we separated into private conferences, it was much easier to put the puzzle pieces together. At the second meeting, DUD pulled me aside for a private conference.

They were looking for a coalition with me so that I could back them up against El on lowering the stock price. In negotiations, coalitions will gain strength during group conferences since both parties want the same thing. This coalition influenced the final outcome in a positive manner. Each party ended up very pleased.

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