a) hand, children from stable family with

a) Background: the background of a child affects the child in many ways.For example, most children from broken or unstable family background with lack of parental guidance, can lack self confidence, some parents do not spent quality time with their children, may lack confidence. They may not be good in studies and fight in school with fellows easily.

On the other hand, children from stable family with both parents and parental guidance, would have confidence, is more likely to be attentive in class and emotionally stable.(b) Health: the health of a child can affect the child all aspect of development of the child.Example: a child that is suffering from some medical condition, will not be able to participate in sports, therefore would not be physically strong like the others. This ill health can create lack of confidence in the child. The child is likely not to have many friends.

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The child may be reserve.(c) Environment: when a child lives in a poor and deprived environment, thisaffects the child. Children from deprived background are less likely to thrive and achieve well. Similarly a child that grows up in the countryside have more opportunities to play outside.

Which helps them to develop physically, whereas child in the city usually plays indoor or in playgrounds. Moreover if a child lives in rough area known for crime and violence then that behaviour can come onto the child because of the influences that surround the child.


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