A very old man with enormous wings essay

The angel’s existence attracts visitors, but a visit by the local priest dismisses such claims due to the Engel’s appearance and inability to speak Latin. Despite the priest’s claim, more people visit and the couple decides to charge admission fees and as a result become wealthy. Soon after, the crowd disperses when a traveling freak show passes through town, though the angel stays with them for many years until the angel regains enough strength to leave on his own.

The magic realism in the story creates a colorful tale marked with themes, symbols, and motifs that explores human nature in regards to our social life. Good and Evil Good and evil exists in the story in many ways through the use of symbolic inferences touching on patience, care, and love to bring out the good in society, but also touches on cruelty, brutality, and greed to show the evil in society. From the start of the story, it is evident to see the evil in thinking when the couple’s neighbor assumes the old man has arrived to hurt their son and suggests the couple should kill him (Marquee, 1968).Even though the neighbor had familiarity with angels, she exhibits indifference and lack of compassion due to his appearance. Another instance is when the priest claims the old man is a fraud, simply because he could not speak Latin (Marquee, 1968).

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This shows how humans can be judgmental and how evil is housed in their hearts. In addition, brutality is apparent in the story when the characters mistreat the old man just for being different. He is imprisoned in a chicken coop and treated like an animal, and is tormented relentlessly (Marquee, 1968).Despite the old man bringing them wealth over the years, the couple is thankless and relieved when the angel finally flew away because they felt he left with the burdens he bestowed upon them. This shows how mankind is cruel and untruthful. The old man being viewed as an angel and the spider girl are compared in he story that portrays humans in two different ways. In the story, the crowd is portrayed to be nice to the spider girl whose background is easy to comprehend, whereas people mistreat the old man for being mysterious and different (Marquee, 1968).The old man symbolizes mankind’s difficulties in understanding complex circumstances instead of trying to critically think and understand complicated situations (Horrible, 201 1).

The spider girl, on the other hand, is a more understandable story that gains praise and popularity amongst the crowd, which shows how humans can exhibit selfish behavior touching on the good and evil of human nature. In the story, believe that good eventually prevails over evil. Despite the old man being abused and treated like a freak show in a circus, he exhibits patience and his wings are symbolic of power, speed, and freedom of motion (Horrible, 2011).Although the old man’s wings are dirty and bare, they still create a mystical aura that attracts onlookers suggesting the old man is natural and supernatural, having the wings of an angel but being just as frail as any other creature. Good prevails over evil because the angel’s patience, peace, and humility frustrated the crowd to where they could not make sense f it, as evidenced by him getting comfortable in his own nest, refusing mothballs and papal lunches, and making due with hens pecking at the parasites lodged in his feathers (Marquee, 1968).Conclusion There are many themes, motifs, and symbols that can be taken from the story aside from the good versus evil theme that is apparent throughout. One theme that is apparent is the coexistence of cruelty and compassion, and the motif of prosperity as evidenced by the couple’s wealth as a result of the angel’s presence (Horrible, 2011).

Aside from the symbolism of the angel’s wings, the spider woman represents how people can be fickle in regards to heir own faith as evidenced by the old man’s reputation to only perform minor miracles.

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