A are not a 100% safe therefore,

A normal aircraft includes several parts of flight such as taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, and landing.Both VTOL autopilots system as well as commercial autopilots system have the ability to land the aircraft. For VTOL autopilot systems, touchdown can be done easily. Depending on the different models and designs of each individual VTOL, a button or a knob and etc can be activated to proceed with autopilot. On the other hand, commercial autopilots require several systems to be set up before an auto-landing can be done.

Flight controls like spoilers, auto brakes, landing gear and flaps need to be programmed before the auto-land procedure can be done. Despite the beauty of having the autopilot system to aid pilots by reducing the workload for the pilot, autopilots are not a 100% safe therefore, pilots need to be aware of any possible errors that might occur or any malfunctions that might happen to the autopilot system. In the event of such unfortunate circumstance, pilots has to be ready to take control of the aircraft manually.

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In general, we can’t fully trust the autopilot system completely so pilots have to be ready anytime during inflight. Furthermore, during cruising  from one points that has been set, VTOL autopilot are able to set waypoints to allow UAV (or any other aircraft that has VTOL autopilot system installed) to fly from point A to point B without the pilot settings input. Commercial autopilot system also have the capability to do the same, to maintain the plane from flying smoothly and accordingly with a pre-programmed course route that the pilot has set.In addition, VTOL and commercial fixed-wing autopilots system have the ability to climb or descend the aircraft.

On a VTOL aircraft, flight parameters such as altitude, is able to set different waypoints. Resulting in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to climb and descend based on the flight path that has been set by the pilot. Likewise, commercial fixed-wing autopilots have the ability to climb and descend based on the pre-programmed course.In conclusion, the purpose of creating and using autopilot systems, is to reduce pilot fatigue and to save the pilot’s energy for more important purposes such as to focus on broader aspects of operations such as monitoring the trajectory, weather and systems.


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