A study on strategies practices in RMG industry essay

General Objective: To familiar with different types of strategies used in ARM industry in Bangladesh. Specific Objective: Analysis the particular strategic fit for the organization. Strategy Analysis C] Low-cost provider strategy The company’s strategic target is meaningfully lower costs than rivals but not necessarily the absolute lowest possible cost L] Sustainability ARM factories engage in sustainable business because it intends to serve and prevail in the long run. C] AdaptabilityWith time, the needs of stakeholders, environment and the people change and so the group evolves to cope up with the change; keeping the Vision, Mission and Values intact. 0 Human Capital Management considering human resources as its greatest assets and so it strives to preserve, nurture and develop the people to perform at their fullest potential.

C] Diversification focusing on diversification as much as it values the core business because it believes that continuous improvement comes with continuous efforts to growFindings L]Overall ARM Industries follow a common frame of strategy but their vision, mission, goals may be different. C]Competitive pricing is the unique revenue strategy Unique competitive advantage on cost of labor Zither is a similarity are mostly activism in marketing and selling, availability of local raw materials, delivery reliability, and level of backward linkage. L]There is a lack of safety measures in their Recommendations C]launderettes Development: Utilities, road networks, ND port facilities are seen as major limiting factors.

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