A Sound of Thunder vs Nethergrave essay

“Interrogate” and “A Sound of Thunder” “Interrogate” and “A Sound of Thunder” are both interesting science fiction SST irises. In my opinion, “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury was the more exciting store y compared to “Interrogate” by Gloria Skuzzier. “A Sound of Thunder” had me hanging on the edge of my seat, anxious to find out what they mightn’t done to alternate the future. “Net heritage” was more Of a slow Story, not as exciting.

Both of the authors had an incredible imagination while writing these stories, and in some says a bit of insight to the future.The way Bradbury described the time mach nine was, for me, easily imaginable because of how he described it. When Cells first sees the it me machine, “he looks and sees a mass of tangle, a snaking and humming of wires and steel b exes. He also sees an aurora that flickered orange, silver, and blue. ” (pig. 288).

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In “A Sound of Thunder’ you can almost feel Cells fear when he finally sees t he massive Tree. He was so excited to get to go back in time and hunt the dinosaur ours, but when he actually came factories with one, he wimpled out and became overly afraid, almost killing himself and the other guys in the hunting group.The sound of thunder is a gar eat description of the boisterous Tree. At the end, the sound of thunder is left to our own intern rotation. “Interrogate” didn’t seem to have much emphasis on technology. This story wasn’t very interesting to me, and throughout the story, never felt as though I liked or related to Jersey’s character.

In the beginning of the story, a lot of time was taken up describing Jersey’s d ay. It made it easier to understand Jersey’s character, an unauthentic, shy teenager ho dislikes the world he lives in.He spent almost every afternoon chatting with his online Fri. ends, making up lies to them because he feels like a pitiful person. Then a program appears on his screen. The program turns out to be a completely different world, where he was promise d to never be alone or hurt. I’d say the theme for both of the short stories would be “Be careful of the choc cues you make”.

Both of the stories show how technology can change a person’s life, of r better or for worse. Technology can be useful, but also destructive.

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