A environmental.1insulin resistance hypertension, heredity type II

A set of various conditions are the cause of metabolic syndrome, thus it does not have a single reason. The appearance of MetS can be caused due to many Contributing elements such as genetic or environmental.1insulin resistance hypertension, heredity type II diabetes and racial background are unavoidable hereditary elements that enormously increment the hazard for creating MetS.2 Additionally, elderliness is another main unalterable hazard factor for MetS.

3On the other hand, ecological hazard factors for MetS are controllable. These incorporate the stationary way of life, physical latency and dietary patterns 4. Metabolic syndrome conclusively induces an individual to other medical complications. For instance, MetS cause expanded hazard of type II diabetes 5, cardiovascular disease (CVD) 6, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 7, liver and pancreas cancer8, bladder cancer9, and breast cancer 10also kidney and pancreatic dysfunction

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