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A set of structured questionnaire implemented in this research for collecting data from the front line employees in banks. Questionnaire was consisted of five sections. The section A will be emphasizes on the questions of work performance, section B will be measurement dimensions of employee intrinsic motivation factors, section C focusing on employee extrinsic motivation factors, section D consisted psychological ownership questions and section E emphasize on the collection data about the respondents demographic profile.

The demographic profile section consisted of 7 questions based on the personal information of the respondents. There were 4 dimensions are measured for intrinsic motivation factors which includes Achievement, Personal Growth, Advancement and Responsibility and each dimensions consisted of six questions. The reason these 4 dimensions chosen for the intrinsic motivating factors because it contributing a major impact towards work performance of employees in bank.

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For the extrinsic motivation factors, there will be 4 dimensions as well; Salary, Job Security, Working condition, and Company policy and each dimensions consisted of six questions. These 4 dimension chosen in this study because employees are concern about the lack of these tangible factors based on the current situation in the selected banks. Furthermore, there will be 6 questions constructed for each psychological ownership and work performance variable.

So, there will be total of 60 questions adapted from previous research journals as stated in the table 3.9.1. To test the mediating effect of psychological ownership on the relationship of two independent variables; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors and work performance, a survey instrument with a five point Likert type continuous scale was developed.In this study, all the variables measured based on close ended questions because the respondents provides information which is easily converted to quantitative data. The researcher took in consideration that the respondents might be busy.

Therefore, using open- ended questions will be inconvenient and time-consuming which will leads to reduction of response rate (Pangrikar, 2016). Thus, close-ended questions will be more convenient to use since the respondents are front line employees who are hectic in handling the customers .The scale of the instrument ranged from (1) strongly disagreed with the statement to (5) strongly agreed with the statement. The questions of the each dimensions of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors adapted from the research article by few authors such as Hong & Waheed (2011) , Saleem, Azeem& Asif (2010), Zafar, Ishaq, Shoukat & Rizwan (2014), Nakhate (2016), Smerek, Peterson (2007), Ibrahim, Ohtsuka, Dagang & Abu Bakar (2014), Taamneh & -Gharaibeh (2014), Parvin & Kabir (2011), Senol (2011), Raziq & Maulabakhsh (2015) and Shahid, Nawab, & Wali (2013).

Next, the mediating variable of Psychological ownership questions which adapted from the research article by Avey, Avolio, Crossley & Luthans (2009). The questions for the variable of work performance adapted from the research article by Chaundhary & Singh (2016), Hanaysha (2015), Koopmans, Bernaards, Hildebrandt, Buuren, Allard & Henrica (2012) and Lau, Cheung, Lam & Chu (2013). This study has three variables, dependent variable, independent variables, and mediating variable Dependent Variable (DV) is the important factor that needs to investigate the work performance of front line employees. So, it is possible to find the solutions through the analysis of this variable to identify the variables that influence it. So, the interest is in measuring the dependent variable, as well as other variables that influence it. The second variable is the Independent Variables (IV) which measures the intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors that influences the dependent variable.

So, the change in the independent variable is based on the changes that occurred in dependent variable of the study. A third variable is the Mediating Variable (MV) is a model display the third variable to an independent and dependent variable. It is a causal sequence which shows independent variable causes the mediator and the mediator causes the dependent variable (MacKinnon, 2011). Mediating variable in this study is psychological ownership which represented the influences of the independent variables on the dependent variable by assuming the relationship between the independent and dependent variable.


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