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A scrubber is a kind of brush with a long shaft handle used for cleaning hard floors in past years which to sweep dirt away which has a cushioned type hairy brushed using for cleaning the floor manually. It was and still using wet, with water or other cleaning detergents. At the head of brush there is a removable floor cloth or mopping cloth maybe soaked in water for cleaning purpose or maybe for dry for wiping dry in which debris or other dust can be wiped away through it. During these days cleaning implements likely to be used for these purposes.There is many scrubber using for different cleaning purposes such a Hurricane Spin Scrubber which rotates the spinner at about 300 rpm and mainly use for tough cleaning jobs such as cleaning the washroom’s sink or bath tub where cleaning manually is not efficient. It has a long shaft with a handle at its head there is a spinner through which cleaning can make it easy.

The other important scrubber which is using for tiles and grout cleaning is turboForce Tiles cleaner. It is usable for tiles cleaning and grout cleaners where there is lines in between tiles and cannot be clean easily so for making it easy we can use turboForce tiles cleaner.

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