a- Scott Rothstein committed the largest Ponzi

a- Scott Rothstein committed the largest Ponzi scheme in Florida’s history.

To summarize the fraud using the fraud triangle. I would start first with opportunity. Rothstein had an opportunity to commit such a fraud, because people trusted him with their money. Rothstein’s lived a lavish life, he was everybody’s friend. Politician’s knew him, because he was the man to rely on when it came to campaign finances.

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Charities knew him, because of his donations. He relied on his well-known reputation to commit his fraud, also his promising to a guaranteed high return. Second is pressure, the pressure Rothstein had on, was continuing to live a lavish life. He was obsessed with Rolex watched, fancy cars, and fancy houses, and to continue living the same life style, there had to be a continued income, which was generated from his Ponzi scheme. Third, is rationalization, in Rothstein’s case rationalization could be that he wanted to be rich like his friends, other reason could be that he thought that this is hurting nobody, in fact the scheme is benefitting him personally, and the investors, who are getting twenty plus percent return on their investment. b- The fraud that Rothstein committed is Ponzi scheme, where he would convince investors that there is a settlement for a lawsuit (which he would make it up), and the person who is receiving the money may, or may not have some sort of hardship, and would like to receive his money as one lump sum now, rather than later. He would then take the money and pay previous investors.

The whole scheme is based on finding new investors, take their money, then go pay his old investors.


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