A of Brabant. Twenty-eight people died and

A year inreview  Ihave chosen for the Brabant Killers. They were a group of criminals whocommitted a series of murders, burglaries, robberies and thefts in Belgium in1982, 1983 and 1985. They are believed responsible for a series of violentattacks that mainly occurred in the Belgian province of Brabant. Twenty-eight people died and 40 were injured. The actions of the gang, believed to consist of several peoplewho assisted a core of three men, made it Belgium’s most notorious crime spree.The active participants were known as: The Giant (a tall man who may have been the leader); the Killer (the main shooter)and the Old Man (a middle aged manwho drove).

The identities and whereabouts of the Brabant killers are unknownalthough one may have been killed after the last known robbery. Failure tocatch the gang was a major impetus behind the reform of the Belgian police.There have been many theories of ulterior motives behind the crimes. Their first theft was a rifle from a weapons store in Dinant on13 March 1982. The store was owned by arms dealer Daniel Dekaise. Their lastand official attack was the one on a Delhaize branch in Aalst on Saturdayevening, 9 November 1985.

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8 people died. They were also involved in illegalarms and drug trafficking and extortion. In 2017, there was a breakthrough.

After 35 years the Giant ofthe Brabant Killers has been discovered. In the meantime he has already diedbut it is a big step towards the mystery behind the Brabant Killers. I have chosen this subject because after all these years it isstill not clear why this happened. We still don’t know who did this.

It is amystery that is not resolved. All people who have experienced this period areleft with questions. Is there an answer to these questions? Will we ever knowthe truth? That’s a good question… Michiel ClompenNr:35 MEC29/01/2018      


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