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Promoting equality in the work place, maintaining our growth ND profitability through effective representatives and latest technology. We will remain socially responsible to the community. Actual Vision: The Avon vision is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women globally. Proposed Vision: To be the premier direct seller of beauty products that will enhance satisfaction and self-fulfillment of women globally.

Strategic Objectives: Concrete actions guided by the Vision of the company 1 .Effective Direct Selling- Avon is still using an old, door to door strategy and costly catalogues, herein we can switch to modern, mobile and paperless strategy. Engaging in different social media like backbone, inviter, etc.. 2. Expanding Accessible Retail Stores- A purely rep;based system is no longer effective, increasing retailing stores that are near and direct to customers.

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3. Increasing the Product Line for Beauty Products – Capitalizing on Van’s competitive advantage since beauty products have the highest sales.Beauty Products 4. Using Organic Ingredients for Beauty Products – Maintaining environmental friendly products, with a proper research. 5. Providing Approachable Customer Service -? Utilizing the latest technology to provide satisfaction to our customers, by providing 24 hrs online customer service for further consultation about the products and services we provide. 6.

Popular Advertiser – An effective advertiser which can attract people to buy, with such value known by everyone and a role model which every woman can look up to. 7.Event Sponsorship – one way of advertising the company and providing samples Of the products in the event. Business Level Strategies: How the company would compete on the chosen business to gain competitive advantage and be profitable.

. Engaging in E-Commerce – In order to have effective direct selling, pursuing an online selling is a competitive advantage. 2. Good Brand Identity – To have a successful business, products should have identity in the market. For a long time, Avon does not have a unified identity to the people. We need to build a good identity to develop a strong image. .

Training for Avon Representatives – Avon have committed and dedicated workforce with 6. 4 million Avon representatives in over 1 ODD countries making Avon the largest sales force. Transforming them into knowledgeable Avon ladies and establishing good petition.

4. Product Lines – expanding product lines of most profitable products 5. Product Innovation -? a concern for research and development, on how to improve the quality of the product, making it unique to other competitors.

6. Product Design -? attractive appearance and packaging. 7.Green Products – Is one of the trends nowadays, launching products that are certified organic, ethical, or all natural. 8.

Geographic Growth – Expanding retail stores and advertising on different parts Of the Philippines first. 9. Offering Product at Low Price – having low price does not mean low quality, it an be achieved having lower product cost 10. High Volume Products – even if products have lower price but producing more can make it profitable. 11. Automation – investing in technology to reduce unit costs Functional Strategies: 1. Human Resource Strategy a.

Recruiting potential Avon ladies with interpersonal and communication skills and conducting related seminars and trainings for them on how to convince customers. Putting them in different actual scenarios (online or personal selling) and training them on how to react on that. Having a great knowledge with the products and process of the business b. Recruiting IT pacifists that can make the web site of the company, conduct online survey to the people, install a computer-based system to the company to quickly control its inventory and suppliers. 2.Technology Development a. E-Representative – modern representative that is conducting E-commerce.

B. Research and Development Center – own center for experiments and discoveries of products that are unique to others, involving the expansion of product lines specifically of beauty products, product Innovation with green product and an appealing packaging using the latest technology. C. Less working force in the operation using technology . Purchasing a. Online link to suppliers b.

Lessening the number of suppliers, building good relationship with them and staying loyal c.Purchases with discounts to lessen costs. 4.

Sales and Marketing Strategy a. Excessive promotions, good relationship with customers and brand loyalty b. By creating unique logo that will help customers to remember Avon easily. C. Customized Products – another way of marketing, by making personalized products based on customers preferences to satisfy them.

D. Target Market – targeting specific customers where the product is popular, based on the results Mass Market Woman Age of 25-50 e. Sing the social media to advertise the products to lessen cost of advertisements and brochures. . Identifying a reasonable price for the products considering worst and best scenarios.

5. Production/Operations Management – A right planning, coordinating, and controlling the resources needed to produce products and services for a company. A. Remodeling the process – Having a shorter process of making the products would lessen the cost and can deliver products on time b. Producing quantity and quality product. C.

Using specific machines can help the production be efficient, effective and faster. 6. Manufacturing Strategy a.Having own manufacturing and distribution channels -? also a way Of meeting own standards of Avon. B. Using information systems to automate order processing and logistics to reduce transportation costs 7. Finance Strategy -? allocating limited budget to different departments and giving monthly reports of all the expenses incurred and earned.

Implementation or Execution Plan: To implement this, we will have an intensive recruitment of 200 representatives for online and personal selling all over the Philippines. To expand our market we will build 10 retailing stores for the first year.

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