A Reflection Upon the Family’s Historical Roots essay

Moreover, there is not so much inflow of people from other cities of Pakistan into our areas in search of jobs or businesses. There are different parts which belong to different groups having the same cast Therefore, it again give rise to uniqueness based on cast. Tertiary and final motivation is that the local community constitutes of only Muslims, Israeli speakers, undoubtedly Pakistani too, but locally to get an idea and to recognize a person, people usually ask for local identity rather than any other identity based on language, religion and region.In a nut shell, all other identities are homogeneous except the casts which preserves a status, perfect local identity and a basic unit of local identity hence, it is preferred. (b) There are many identities based on language, color, creed, culture, religion and region which shows the association of a person to a particular group.

A person can have multiple identities keeping in view the context. But I associate myself with my religious distinctiveness i. E. Muslim. Primary reason of my association to a religious group is that because it is based on some ideology rather than on any territory.

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If I have my identity based on land, it would have changed in accordance with my association to a land. For instance, in the Indo-Pack subcontinent were to be called as Indian and after the separation I would have become Pakistani. Hence, my identity would have become slave of a piece of land which is not a case with my ideological uniqueness. Moreover, it was religious ideology which became the basis of Two Nation Theory in the Indo-Pack subcontinent. All differences which further came the foundations for the separate homeland were ideological not regional.

Muslims’ culture was different from that of Hindus right from birth till death mainly because of religious differences. For example, the nomenclature, beliefs, way of worships, calendar, history, heroes, foes, festivals etc. Were all on the opposite poles. Hence, it urges me to protect my ancestor ideology. Secondary reason is based on socio-political and global framework.

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