A procedure that happens each month for

A procedure that happens each month for females and endures around 5-7 long periods of bleeding. The menstrual cycle begins around the ages of 12-16 and is consistent for the vast majority of the woman’s life until around the ages of 45-55 when a procedure called menopause stops the period cycle.

Most woman encounter symptoms before their period like tender breasts, cramps, headaches and ovulation. This proceeds all through the period and occasionally afterwards too. The menstrual cycle happens because of the lining in the uterus decomposing.

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After the 1-7 day period the lining in the uterus gradually grows back again and a new egg develops in the ovaries, day 19-28 of the menstrual cycle ovulation happens where the egg Is discharged and goes towards the uterus, once discharged there are two distinct courses that could happen, the first is if the egg isn’t treated with a sperm amid this time the lining will begin to decompose and the cycle repeats or the second is the egg is fertilized with a sperm cell, the egg will connect itself to the lining that is the point at which the lady ends up pregnant and the menstrual cycle won’t happen until after the introduction of the child.


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