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A practitioner working with children have a duty of care toward the children and must make sure that they are safe. They should plan the play environment and activity which is safe for the child, but there also should be a balance between the risk a child can take. Children should be allowed to take risk with adult support but not too much intervention. If they are not allowed to take risk they will not be able to develop the skills required to deal with risks and make judgement about their own strengths and skills. This would affect their development, self-esteem and confidence.

Through taking risks, children build their capabilities, explore their emotions, and test boundaries. They also gain practical experience of taking responsibility for their safety. Children need to experiment and explore their surrounding in order to learn.

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With risk management we make sure to minimize the risk involved and likelihood of an accident or injury, this is done by planning, organizing and doing risk assessment. If a child is never allowed to cut with scissors they will never learn to use them and develop their fine motor skills but we as adult must manage the risk by providing a child friendly scissors, supervising the child and making them aware of how to hold a scissors when walking around. Those responsible for children have to take a balanced, thoughtful approach to managing risk. Risk assessment is an essential part of activity planning and a wide range of factors should be taken into consideration (such as, age of the children, the nature of the activity, the physical environment, the level of supervision required). After doing a good risk assessment the activity can go ahead with the understanding that little accidents that might happen are a part of everyone’s learning experience.


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