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A popular question asked by many is whether politics can be studied objectivity with no bias. To have the view that politics can be studied without bias as it is ‘a science; Political science’ is just absurd. Nothing can be studied without bias and without Objectivity. We must look at the many way’s objectivity can be viewed, are people making h decision due to bias or because it is best for all people. “The account of political objectivity begins from a simple insight.

It is that if we are to live with others politically on terms of mutual respect and seek reasonable terms of cooperation with them, we must be able to distinguish between simply putting forward our own opinion and recommending principles that are reasonable for all. We must believe that the principles that undergird our political order are the result of a reasoned search for a reasonable basis of a mutually respectful political life, and that, in their status and their content, they express respect for the reason of all citizens” (Martha C. Nussbaum, 2001: pp 894-895).We are humans and we cannot help but to be personal in or decisions and studies. Bias will always play a part in what we do and especially in politics.

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No matter if you study politics scientifically, traditionally or theoretically, it is impossible to study politics objectively.To approach ‘Political Science’ like any other science would just be wrong. You cannot predict an outcome with 100% certainty. It is always changing and going in different directions. It really cannot be studied like maths or science.

It is studied by different people and these people all study the subject differently. “Postmodern philosophers deny that science is objective and suggest that scientists who strive for objectivity are naive realists.” (Edward J.

Rykiel, 2001: pp 433-436). From this we can see that there is no way we can be fully objective when studying politics. Therefore, since people have different views and opinions about certain political matter, it is very hard to study the subject objectively. There will always be bias as we always let our views control how we make decisions, and this shows that it is impossible to study politics objectively. The traditional approach to the study of politics is mainly to do with the ideas that underline political organisations and activities, activities of the state and study of organisations. The Philosophical approach within the Traditional way of studying Politics is the oldest way of studying Politics. This approach has the strong belief that values cannot be separated from the study of Politics. “Perhaps we cannot sensibly draw scientific inferences without a host of background assumptions, which may include assumptions about values.

” (Reiss, Julian and Sprenger, Jan, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2017). This clearly backs up the argument that there is simply no way we can do anything with complete objectivity. Bias will always play a part in what we do.

Therefore, the traditional way of studying Politics doesn’t make a large attempt to relate to research and theory. The approaches within The Traditional method have the belief that due to the fact facts and values are closely linked, there is no way The Study of Politics can be done Scientifically. On the other side of the argument, many believe that we can in fact study politics Scientifically. If one takes a scientific approach to studying politics, this necessitates making theories and testing these theories against reality.

In this view its seen that politics can be studied just like another analytical subjects and the true scientific approach is formulating models and theories. Within this view it is seen that science is in fact objective and that personal biases are non-existent in scientific reasoning and or are eliminated through the process. “Similarly, although an “unbiased” science may be impossible, there are many mechanisms scientists can adopt for protecting their reasoning against undesirable forms of bias, e.g., choosing an appropriate method of statistical inference.” (Reiss, Julian and Sprenger, Jan, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2017). While I can see why this view is popular, the authors themselves plainly state that studying politics in this way cannot be done objectively. There is also the view that important judgements should be made by computer evaluation and that we, ‘the people’ should programme the outcomes and permutations.

However even in this viewpoint we can see the flaw that the computers will still not be objective as they will be programmed with the people’s bias views. Objectively is part of the process of ‘Political Science’. It deals with human attitudes and behaviours. Therefore, its clear this subject is hard to study and judge without opinions, overall this shows that it is impossible to study politics objectively. In this essay I have explored the view that Politics cannot be studied objectively. While I strongly argued that politics in fact can’t be studied without bias, I also looked at the argument for why many believe that it can in fact be studied without objectivity.

For example, how many believe that political science is just a set of ideas and beliefs and the theory of using the computer to decide the outcomes. For my argument that Politics can’t be studied objectively I explored when studying politics within the traditional method we concluded that Politics couldn’t be studied scientifically and objectively, also to have the approach that ‘political science’ is just like any other science is wrong. The subject is studied so differently by many different people and no predictions can be made with 100% certainty. Overall the quantity and quality of the arguments in favour of the statement ‘Can politics be studied objectively?’ outweigh the arguments against this statement. Therefore, through my research I have concluded that you simply cannot study politics without bias. Being bias is in us as humans and many and we let our bias take control when making certain decisions. We cannot just separate our views, values and beliefs, they with us and make us who we are.

And therefore, to say that politics can be studied objectively is ignorant and simple-minded.


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