A Phenomenon in Professional Development essay

Please print out this page and attach a copy of the certificate to the final page in all assignments you submit on each module as part of your programmer (It is your responsibility to print the certificate, complete the information, sign it, and keep a copy of it for your records) Introduction Project management has come a long way from its humble beginnings; it has hang drastically to something that is useful and important in today’s business environment. From its quality, delivery and cost control are taking precedence in businesses, government organizations to nonprofit organizations.

Project management allows managers an extra hand in planning, creating and executing strategic initiatives that will result in generating new revenues and at the same time find new clients. Project management gives organizations and managers an edge in the competition. Project management tools and techniques guarantees an organization manage the competition, deliver quality products, control expenses, and enhance profitability and SUccess. Currently there organizations are looking for people who can handle jobs in which project management is not a title but a job requirement.

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This underscores a major advantage to being good at managing projects; and that is the basic project management methodology you have been exposed to in this text is transferable across most businesses and professions” (Larson, & Gray, 2011 p. 603). With all the project management tools and techniques available, a project manager can make use of one but at the same time, they need to understand why some projects fail. Sometimes it is not enough to Say that you manage your project competently, on time and deliver a quality a product.

A great project manager must anticipate and understand the following conditions. The appropriate business requirement should be identified, so that an achievable business case must can be created, strong project governance must be in place, to manage a high quality follow through and monitor and have the flexibility to adapt the changing business environment or any issues that arises. “Leading organizations across sectors and geographic borders have embraced project management as a way to control spending and improve project results. When the recession began this practice became more important.

Executives agreed that project management methods and strategies reduced risks, cut cost and improve success rate all vital to surviving the economic crisis” (the Value of Project Management,” 2010). An excellent project manager needs to be able to be master priorities. Here are are some examples to make things easier when project management. 1 . Everything should be represented in an ordered list. Have as many list and scale them down. Most of the work of reject management is correctly proportioning things and leading the team in carrying them out. . The most basic to lists are: goals to attain with this project, list the features, and list the work items. They should always be in sync with each other. Each work item contributes to a feature, and each feature contributes to a goal. 3. You must be both relentless and savvy to make things happen (Bergen, 2005). 4. Having knowledge in technically and team processes enables efficiency. 5. The Project Manager has to keep the team on track and keep them close to reality. Conclusion The future looks really promising for project management.

Statistics has shown that the growth of project management is considered a phenomenon in professional development in recent years. “MI is one of the world’s largest not-for-profit membership associations for project management profession, with more than 650,000 members and credential holders in more than 185 countries” (“Project Management Institute,” 2012). “The Project Management Institute estimates 1. 2 million new positions annually on a global scale over the next decade. Given the vastest opportunities, it is far easier to explain the exploding demand side of this phenomenon than the more lethargic side” (Holland, 201 1).

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