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A person’s personality depends on the way they dress and carry themselves.

One of the most important parts of the clothing is your inner items of clothing especially your underwear. It not only boosts your confidence but also takes care of the most sensitive part of your body. The part which is the most vulnerable to get bacterial infections. Hence we must be very wise and do a lot of research before buying the perfect underwear.We must look into 4 main factors when choosing the material for underwear:1. Occasion: Choose your fabrics according to your occasion.• For a daily wear always choose cotton underwears.

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It is the most comfortable material for underwears. It also helps you avoid the embarrassing sweat prints. Cotton underwears are healthy since they avoid chafing, rashes and minimises the chances of infections.

• Even though cotton is comfortable, you do not get a slender fit. You need to choose softer materials that are stretchable like nylon, Lycra, or spandex with a cotton crotch for comfort.• No one can overlook the feel of silk panties. One must always own silk panties for special occasions.

Silk panties are comfortable and plush. However silk panties have little or no room to breathe, hence your sweat glands will be contained. This leads to a higher chance of bacterial infection.

So avoid it on a regular basis.2. The Variety: Nowadays we have an awful lot of varieties in underwear. Few of them like tummy control underwears, thongs, swimsuits, regular etc.

So you need to choose the right material for each of your variety. • As mentioned in the previous paragraph, for a regular use always choose cotton or synthetic with a cotton crotch. • For a thong you need o look for a fabric made out of nylon. • For a swimsuit you need to consider the fibre content in the material, the stretch and of course lets not forget the designs.

And so on.3. The fit: Materials of an underwear definitely matters to find the right fit.

Some materials are stretchable while others are tight and will make you feel uncomfortable. Also if it fits right but the material is not good then it may leave stretch marks on your body. Stretch marks are ugly and hurts a lot and may lead to rashes slowly. Ensure the elastic of the underwear you choose is of good quality. If your elastic is not good then you will have to do the embarrassing pull-up everytime it slips down. 4.

Brand: The same material can be bought at different prices. But the difference is the quality. The quality of your underwear ensures you stay healthy and hygienic. When you choose a trusted brand, you will not be betrayed in terms of quality of the product. At times an expensive pair may not be the one that leads you to infection.

Bacterial infections can lead to a lot of physical problems leaving a scar on our confidence and self esteem. So always choose the higher quality underwears for a perfect material.Never hesitate to ask for the help of the people in charge of sales since they can make you aware of the pros and cons of all the materials you choose. So always choose your most intimate clothing wisely!


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