A person centred approach means that the service provider fits around the individual and not around the service provided. It focuses on the need and the best way to get the need of the individual met. Just because a group of people have the same condition, this does not mean they need the same care, as everyone is different. Humans are holistic beings and need to be treated with respect, dignity and supported to be as independent as possible to care for themselves in the best possible way. Tailor making the care to benefit the individual working with them to help support them physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.
There are eight person centred values that support person centred care and support, these are; Individuality, people must be treated as an individual, Independence, you should always promote independence when care giving, Privacy, you should maintain the service users privacy. Choice, you must always give service users choice. Dignity, you should respect the dignity of all service users. Respect, you should respect the service users choices and preferences and beliefs. Rights, you should always ensure the service user has rights. Partnership, you should work in partnership with the service users and others.


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