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A Parallel Analysis of Connatural Reconstructivist Societies and its Economic Behaviour. Research ThemeI intend to carry out a study on the History, Culture, Values, and Norms ruling different societies throughout the time "Scholars must compare similarities or differences between present and past conditions " (Khald?n, 2005:24 ). Then, use them as the foundations for a new political philosophy which I refer to as "Connatural Reconstructivism." Moreover, I will contemplate these disciplines in order to determine the introduction of a new market which will interact within the circular flow diagram. With the help of my knowledge concerning economics and the knowledge to be obtained during my studies, I will elaborate a methodical analysis of the economic behavior of this new market which is expected to result in a better economic growth and at the same time, it will clean the impurities existing in the current societies and implement a knowledge-based society. Previous Researches Although, it is well known that culture has a big influence on Political outcomes.

Many of the decisions taken by the population are based on their cultural background and those decisions could affect the development of certain sectors. However, in the case of Latin America, many of the cultural aspects that have been studied are based on the postcolonial cultural transformation. "Latin American economic history" According to The Institutional Change and Economic Performance, "Has perpetuated the centralized, the bureaucratic traditions carried over from its Spanish/Portuguese heritage" (North, 1990:116). Nevertheless, it has to be taken into account that many of the social characteristics of Latin America come directly from social norms originated before the colonial period. Therefore, it is of vital importance to develop new political and economic policies according to the geographical location. This being said, it is possible to develop new politics and new economics that will be a part of the culture, instead of adapting the culture to them. Problems in the Field The problem with previous researches is the fact that many books and papers that state the relation between culture and politics argue that there are certain cultural differences that hinder the development of society in specific regions. As Chomsky reports in profit over people, "State Department documents warned that Latin Americans prefer ‘ policies designed to bring about a broader distribution of wealth and to raise the standard of living of the masses.

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‘"(Chomsky 1999:23) Yet, there are certain behaviors ingrained in communities that are not completely understood. The lack of understanding of these behaviors is because previous researches do not consider a specific set of attitudes rooted in ancient times. Some of these attitudes are being or have been forgotten, one clear example is punctuality "Punctuality, although admired, is not strictly adhere to in daily life " (Morrison, 2006: 318). This indeed is mostly true for Mexico, and in fact, it is considered for many as part of the Mexican culture; however, it should be noticed that this is one of the main factor delaying the development of Mexico. One should then recover past norms, and develop new policies to boost time management since it is also part of the Mexican culture, more precisely the Mayan civilization.

Research GoalIs it possible to implement an economic policy capable of triggering an automaton society based specifically on its cultural character? First of all, one should consider that cultural behavior is different in every community and country; nonetheless, the social norms in every country have as purpose to attain the well-being of society. Second, the objective of a reconstructivist philosophy is to establish an economic policy capable of filtering the societal problems and implement the solutions of these problems through the periodic participation of society in a new market. Third, This market is to be integrated temporary within the circular flow diagram. It is said to be temporary because with the pass of time it is expected to regulate the impurities of the markets while reshaping the behavior of the individuals. This will originate both a new automata economy and a new automata learning-based society, where the new market will act as the main tool and the host for these changes to happen and finally, it will eventually unify with the existing markets.In my view, my research could have academic and practical benefits such as:Academic Benefitsto trigger further studies in new political theories by academicsto give a better understanding of the relation between culture and politicsto expand the studies of archeology, anthropology, linguistics, etc and their relation with economic behavior. to acquire a better understanding of culture and history to distribute forgotten knowledge2. Practical benefitsto implement new policiesto fill in institutional voids that are either ignored or unknown to achieve a better equality among communities and nations to improve the global business environment to eradicate current societal problems to improve existing educational systems to gain economic growth locally and internationally to improve productivity and the capability of the workforce to understand well communication both in communities and organizationsBibliography Chomsky, Noam, and Robert W.

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