A newspaper online, The New York Times upload

A newspaper online, The
New York Times upload an article “Good Vegan Bad Vegan”. The Author concerned
about  unhealthy plant foods impact on
lower possibiltity of heart disease and reduce the chances of diabetes. In the
article, Jane E. Brody explained some research about possibility of heart
disease and diabetes between vegetarians and nonvegetarians, the difference
between being vegetarians who consume healthy plant foods and unhealthy plant
foods, and a nutrition that have complete as a vegetarian. The author wrote a harmful misconception that confused readers, gave her
personal thoughts about being vegetarian but did not provide facts and sample
of some vegetarians, and told the readers to not being full vegetarian if  do not want nutritional deficiency.

There is a huge difference
between being vegetarians who consume good plant-based foods and unwholesome
plant-based foods especially in their health. The
article explained about possibility of heart disease and diabetes
between vegetarians and nonvegetarians along with give some research and
concluded it with her opinion. “Plant-based
diets are recommended for coronary heart disease (CHD) prevention. However, not
all plant foods are necessarily beneficial for health.” Background of heart
disease with ” Higher intake of a plant-based diet
index rich in healthier plant foods is associated with substantially lower CHD
risk, whereas a plant-based diet index that emphasizes less-healthy plant foods
is associated with higher CHD risk.” as a conclusion in NCBI’s  research that one of wrong conclusions from
the author which should give readers opinion to select plant-food based because
not all plant-food based is good for health. After saying that being vegetarian can lower the risk
of coronary disease and diabetes, she gave a statement that confused the reader
about being vegetarian. As in Aambika Satija’s quote, Brody only resumes
that it’s no good to be full vegetarian which means do not be vegetarian,
instead give an optional food for vegetarian that can adjust their nutrition
from all plant-based foods.

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Brody always stated a
wholesome and unwell plant-based foods for vegetarian  in her article without explaining it, what is
good food or not for vegetarian to consume, so it makes a harmful misconception to readers for being vegetarian
and does not fit with title of this article. If the tittle was “Good being Half
 Vegetaian”, it would be more suitable.
Balancing vegetarians nutrition it is not easy, so vegetarians have to be smart
to choose their plant-based food. Plant-based food can fulfil vegetarians nutrition
without them consuming vitamin B-121i which
are contained in seaweed also a famous and delicious plant-based foods from
Indonesia, tahu and tempe. Also nuts, like edamame and walnut that contain
omega 32ii as
contained in fish fatty acids.  I even got
this recommendation for being vegetarian from my doctor, because in 2015 i needed
to diet from overweight that made me suffer from an imbalance hormonal and
other illness which are caused by excess fat contained in nonplant-based food.
She gave me a plant-based food plan dietary that is good for teenager like me who
still needs to grow and thrive also not interfere my activity as a student
which demands my concentration on learning and the other physical activity that
put a lot energy. During my diet, my body got healthier and surely my doctor
could treat my illness with her method.Brody, on the other hand,instead of only
giving her option to not being full vegetarian, she had to do research from
vegan who success their diet plan and didn’t have nutritional
deficiency and small research about nutrients are also contained in plant-based
foods and her clear expression for vegetarian. she also did not give her
clear personal statement about being vegetarian and she was confused with her own

is unfortunate that a famous online newspaper, The New York Times, published an
article that confuses it’s readers. The New York Times, especially for the
author, Jane E. Brody, wanted to give options to stay healthy as a vegetarian
to the readers, however she is not making it clear and makes it looks like she
wants to give annunciation that she still disagrees with vegetarian. It looks
from the way the author, explain about her statement that she agrees with being
a rationalist and healthy vegetarian, she still doesn’t  agree with being full vegetarian which makes
it into not vegetarian. The article also was controversial particularly for. If
 being vegetarian can cause malnutrition,
it makes a question, how can can vegetarian stay healthy for years if their
nutrition is not fulfilled?

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