A Russian icons and several works of

A bustling city of history and culture, the City of
Florence in Italy is considered as the birthplace of the Renaissance period and
home of many iconic sights that captured the hearts and minds of travellers for

Flocked with populous monuments and domed cathedrals, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in
1982 and ranked on the thirteenth spot in the 2017 Top Sixty-three Leading
Fashion Capitals in the World by the annual ranking produced by the Global
Language Monitor, due to its important contribution in the Italian fashion
industry. The Uffizi Gallery, a prominent art museum in town, holds a
collection of priceless works, including Botticelli’s “Venus” and Michelangelo’s “Doni
Tondo”. Some other museums include Vasari Corridor (which connects Palazzo
Vecchio with the Pitti Palace) and the Galleria dell’Accademia which houses a
collection of Russian icons and several works of Michelangelo, including his
famous sculpt piece, “David.” Another
picturesque highlight is the massive Palazzo Pitti, showing the works of
Raphael and Titan, and once been a home to the influential Medici family. Cinema
has also been increasing its irrefutable fame –the city has been the setting of
Inferno, one of Dan Brown’s
international bestselling novel and also a domicile for the renowned Italian fashion
designer –Roberto Cavalli.  He was the
recipient of Domus Academy’s Honorary Master Diploma in Fashion Management and
due to his creative designs (exotic prints and the sand-blasted look for
jeans), his much-appreciated works were being flaunted in the red carpet during
fashion galas and celebrity award nights. Hollywood’s sought-after actor and
actresses such as Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Beyonce Knowles and Adam Lambert,
were spotted wearing Cavalli’s creations.

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Aside from its vast contribution in
the field of arts and architecture, Florence is also packed with pubs and
restaurants offering with a plate full of pastas and pizzas (There’s the Angie’s
Pub, jam-packed by its patrons on weekends; Sesto on Arno, with the
breathtaking view of the skyline; and the Fusion Bar, which offers
Japanese-Italian dishes). Customarily, Florentine cookery grows out of a
tradition of peasant eating or a poor tradition which is made of simple
courses. There are numerous food carts stationed throughout the city, selling meat-based
dishes such as lampredotto, a typical Florentine dish made from “abomasum”, the
fourth and final stomach of the cow and tripes, a type of edible lining found from
the stomachs of various farm animals.

At any rate, Florence undoubtedly
enthralled travellers with its grandeur and famed charm. For the most part, the
capital city introduced a rich, diverse and binding culture that is
acknowledged by the world. It is an old but a modern city –where history and
beauty blends perfectly together.


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