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A lot of models have been advanced on effective team. Belbin’s model of team role clearly defines what constitute an effective team. Belbin have identified different traits that are usually exhibited in the workplace and when these behaviours are demonstrated in a team then it is said to be effective. From Belbin’s model, an effective team is one that members are able to display the role of chairman, shaper, plant, monitor/evaluator, implementer, team worker, resource investigator and completer finisher.
For a team to be effective there should be someone who coordinate activities and delegate assignment properly. This team member should be able to identify talents in the team in order to harness their innovative and creative potential. The innovative member will be able to think outside the box to resolve difficult problems in an exceptional manner without following the status quo. When the going gets tough there should someone who has the flair for networking in order to obtain contacts or resources relevant for resolving a difficult situation. In the likely event the team is losing focus on their vision and mission there should be someone to keep them on their toes in order for them not to lose focus. The team cannot be effective if there is no member to support the gallant ideas and innovations of the other team members.
From John Adair’s handbook of management a good leader in effective teambuilding must act as:
• Encourager
• Harmonizer
• Compromiser
• Expediter/Gatekeeper
• Standard Setter
• Group observer/Commentator
• Follower

Working in a team has a number of advantages for example, in teams individual talents are put to good use. When people work in teams, creativity is expressed and laughter is shared. This help in releasing stress among members. In a team, the skills of numerous people are combined to produce something that could not be created alone. In a team, the strength of each team member is utilized and suitable development opportunities are identified.

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