A human beings on Earth: Mars could

A human mission to land on and visit the planet Mars has long been a subject for science fiction writers and a dream of space exploration advocates. Even though some researchers claim that exploring Mars will help us understand the Earth better, and a manned flight to Mars is favorable to humanity, I hold an opposing view towards sending a manned mission to Mars.In terms of expense, risk, worth, and morality, proponents and opponents of whether it is necessary to send manned missions to Mars never come to a compromise. It may be true that the exploration of Mars can do good for human beings on Earth: Mars could serve as a new world to live in, especially when the Earth is becoming increasingly overpopulated, the mission may help us research our own planet Earth due to their similarity; and it might bring us unknown worth.

Humans seem to take Mars as an excuse to research and understand Earth more deeply because Mars is the most similar planet to Earth among the solar system.A human mission to Mars is expected to cost $40 billion to $80 billion. (Maggie McKee, Jan.9, 2004) It is not necessary to invest billions of dollars to search an unknown world without certainly knowing how valuable it is.

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The large cost can be saved to improve people’s daily lives, to lower down the tax, to subsidize welfare, and to promote national prosperity.


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