A dump sites. They are other areas

A GIS is different from other information systems, because it integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the advantages of visual and geographic analysis through maps. GIS plays a key role in maintaining account data to facilitate collection operations such as SWM services by analysing suitable place to locate new bins; planning routes for vehicles transporting waste from residential, commercial and industrial to transfer stations and from transfer stations to landfills; locating new landfills and monitoring the landfill and dump sites. They are other areas with people who generates waste which will produce an odour smell which attracts flies thereby disease outbreak like diarrhoea and cholera are caused. These waste bins needs a special attention. Therefore a least cost path to collect these bins in needed to be produced using GIS. GIS can be effectively used fot the new route identification with the help of various GIS layers to identify a shortest route which will cover less diatance and covers maximum waste bin locations with a less overlaps (Kashid. S.D, et al, 2015). GIS provides a solution to choose shortest route for collection of waste (Kashid. S.D, et al, 2015).


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