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After reading the initial golf experiment with two different groups and contingencies highlighted, what are your predictions, questions, or concerns about the rest of Steel’s research? I guess Steel will go further and deeper on the path of researching the impacts that caused by stereotype on different minority students’ life condition Vocabulary check-in (part of speech and quick synonym or definition in your own words. Good to note in your text. Aggregations – The separation based on people’s identity.

Imposed – to enforce someone to do cometh ins reluctant. De facto – in fact tenacious – rigid, stubborn interconnectivity ? a theory of innocuous psychological relation between people. It is usually used in contrast to solipsistic individual experience, emphasizing our inherently social being. Gauntlet – protection, cover. Sisyphean ? endless, pointless Autonomous – self-directed, independent plague – The sickness that spread out quickly and widely. Chapter 2. 4. Steele describes the difference between the observer and the actor perspectives.

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Why were these two perspectives essential for Steele and others to gain understanding about underperforming on college campuses? Steele basically states that the Observer Perspectives are unilateral cognitions which means to explain actor’s doing by external images; Unlike Actor perspectives, observing actors while actually putting actors into their resistance in order to understand their behaviors. Unfortunately, the majority people in college campuses only judge other groups through the observer perspectives.

Therefore, bias, racism and normalization issues arise, and minority student groups start to doubt their sense of belonging and become harder to integrate into campus life. 5. Steele discusses how important campus culture is to a student’s sense of identity and sense of belonging. What do you feel is the campus culture here at Foothill? Do you feel like you belong? Explain what causes you to feel this way? How many friends do you have On campus? Do you have friends that are very different from you in culture, age, or race?

Foothill College campus has great cultural diversity: There is a fair amount of international students and professors with different cultural backgrounds to participate the campus life and social network. Personally, I feel lesser stressful and lesser being stereotyped here than the previous college attended, which is dominated by white people. And I do have many friends that are different from my identity, it seems that the people who study and work here are generally friendly and pen-minded. 6. How did Ms. Jane Elitist’s 1968 experiment influence Steel?s research question?

Like Ms. Jane Elitist’s 1968 experiment that deliberately set out to downwardly constitute her students, many institutions had inherited a social organization from larger society might well place black student under pressure. And these downwardly constituting pressure might have the power to cause underperforming. 7. In this chapter Steele describes the process of moving from a hunch to an inference to evidence. Describe the importance and difference of these three terms as they relate to Steel’s work. The assumption of certain 8.

How did Steele and his colleague rule out genetic differences for women’s underperforming in math? 9. What were the results of Steel’s study with women in math? Were you surprised by these results? How does it shift your view Of stereotypes and academic ability? Downwardly constitute Incisive foci stigma gingerly nascent empirical test Chapter 3 10. How does the 1978 Seattle Sonics’ performance help explain Steel’s theory of underachievement? 1 1 . What were the three major findings of the experiment at Stanford using the verbal test on white and black students?

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