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A discourse community is a group of people who share a common interest or goal and use a specific vocabulary when discussing the topic. To truly be accepted in a discourse community, one must master the ways people within that community interconnect. I was successful in joining the discourse community of my high school football team by mastering the art of teamsmanship, establishing my credibility, and learning more about the game I love to play. In other words, I will be utilizing pathos, ethos, and logos appeals specifically to my high school football team community. I have always loved playing the game as well as watching the professionals play on television. I have played football since I was about eleven years old and although being a part of the team was simple in some aspects it was very difficult in others.

In conclusion, to show my membership in my high school football community I used the appeals of pathos, ethos, and logos. I showed the pathos appeal through sharing experiences from lifting in the early morning with my fellow teammates to playing as a team, not just for yourself. I accomplished this by showing the actions and obstacles we all shared that led us to create a stronger bond.
Football made me communicate and work with a team, something that I find difficult to do sometimes. To be accepted as a part of this community it took selflessness, knowledge for the game, and time to grow together as a family. I was successful in joining my high school football team because I have always enjoyed it even with its challenges Yes, it was very difficult but I have developed the skills and knowledge to help me overcome any obstacle that life has to throw my way.

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