A college students and its goal is to

A design was conducted by Megan Patrick, Jennifer Maggs, and Eva Lefkowitz where they analyzed the relationship between the exertion of alcohol and sexual behaviors among college students. A reader may be interested in something like this to put factual information to a rising problem.

The main argument is to prove that the more alcohol that is consumed contributes to more hook ups which could potentially lead to STI’s. The two tend to have a linear relationship. The scope of the article is mainly directed to college students and its goal is to attempt to educate college students on the outcomes that come with alcohol consumption. They also made the duration over seven semesters to put in factors such as relationship status change for example. They also did each gender. Their method consisted of surveys that were taken on the computer and occurred over a duration of seven semesters.

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Students allowed to participate in the survey were college freshman and they must have lived within 25 miles of campus. Throughout the course of the seven semesters they documented how many drinks they ingested per day and if any sexual activities occurred and also what their relationship status was. The results that were obtained were that the more drinks that were ingested by a given individual the more likely that individual was to participate in sexual activities. These sexual activities included something as simple as kissing to something as extreme as sex.

They also found that these activities were more likely to occur within individuals who were not in a relationship.


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