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A major airline security mistake left an Indore-bound passenger on an IndiGo plane that was en route Nagpur. The incident took place on the 12th of January and has been further confirmed by the officials and the crew of IndiGo airlines. Indigo said that they had suspended three of the security officials following the incident which is a gross security misconduct. On Friday morning, the passenger who had a flight to Indore underwent all the security checks and was eventually given a boarding pass at the check-in. However, the passenger had mistakenly boarded the flight bound for Nagpur and the act failed to come to the notice of the security professionals who were on duty.

 The airline had issued a statement which stated, “IndiGo regrets the security breach intercepted by its security staff on flight 6E 774 (DEL-NAG), wherein a passenger of flight 6E 656 (DEL-IDR) wrongly boarded the flight 6E 774 and further travelled to Nagpur, after boarding the wrong coach.” “The security lead, second lead and skipper (security personnel) have been taken off roster till IndiGo’s internal enquiry in the matter is completed,” it said.The goof-up was noticed quite a while later when it was impossible to change flights, however, the luggage has been securely retrieved and handed over to the passenger.

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IndiGo Airlines has been apologetic regarding the incident and are determined to look into the finer workings of the security services that they provide. The incident, however, is not a first of its kind. The Bureau of Civil Aviation (BCAS) had in 2017 suspended the licence of Indigo’s aviation security training facility for alleged lapses in the examination system conducted by it.

 The threat of suspension became an even greater one as the consecutive security lapses have indeed become one that demands a concern for the safety of the passengers and the efficiency with which they are treated by the aviation department. The airline has pledged to comply with the rules and has not backed down from admitting to its glaring mistakes. The suspension order was, however, later revoked after the Gurgaon-based airline gave a commitment to conduct re-examinations and a revision of the courses that the officials are subjected to in an attempt to make amends for the faulty workings of the department.


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