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A criminal record is something that shows a person’s criminal convictions. When you have a criminal record, it is good to know and really understand what it means.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your probation officer or lawyer if you have one. If you committed a less serious crime, your record will be private. This means you don’t need to tell anyone except a judge that you have been convicted of a crime as a teen. Employers will not be able to find this out.

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The after effects of a criminal record stay with you forever. It can affect what job you may get, where you could get into school and so much more. The crime could have effects that stick with you for your entire life. Most teens think that their record is wiped when they turn 18 but that is not always true. First, your travel plans are gone because with a record you can still travel to another province in Canada. But other countries could refuse you entry.

And that could never change.Also if you are visitor to Canada then you could be deported. You can think again about volunteering. It is not uncommon to have a criminal record check. Next time you hear someone receive a “light” sentence consider all the other consequences that come from having a criminal record.


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