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A country shouldn’t be overseen by their negative past, but be known for what they have to offer and the amount of hard work they put to their loving country. One of many, that is Colombia due to its drug trafficking in the past. Colombia has more to offer than just selling and exporting contraband, such as its culture, its food, and it’s beautiful panoramic views.

Colombia is located in the Northern South America and is surrounded by Panama and Venezuela. Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus and was established around 1810. It’s population has about 47 million people. Everyday spent at Colombia, you’ll always be kept busy since there is so many activities, attractions, and etc , to learn about.Colombia is a mixed, assorted nation, due to its conquest causing there to be a wide range of blends and ethics. It’s hard to explain or say what our way of life is in regards to being a Colombian since each have their own qualities, traditions, customs and specific tendencies.

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In Colombia, their diverse culture impacts each individual citizen, due to its music and the form and way of dancing. The two most known form of dancing is Cumbia and Salsa. These forms of dancing lightens up our family parties and puts us to our feet.

In each area of the nation you will discover individuals with certain character and accents, but were all similarly friendly and welcoming.Colombian food has an enormous amount of varied food and provides unlimited capabilities with the preparation of foods. As any latin country, Colombia is known to have the tastiest foods from our traditional bandeja paisa, to our delicious empanada, arepa (corn cake), morcilla, chorizo. A typical bandeja paisa dish includes white rice, beans, steak, chorizo, arepa, maduro, and avocado. This is a lot of mixture of food, but when tasting it you just can’t get enough of it on your mouth. When touring our country you will see a lot of street vendors from the lady selling arepas made from scratch to selling hot sancocho (type of soup).

Colombia is known for producing the best coffee because of the weather and the high elevation, causing it to produce the best coffee. From its rare and bizarre fruits to having the best cup of coffee and eating the best typical Colombian dish, will attract food lovers.This magnificent country attracts people with its famous coffee, its diverse and most delicious dishes,


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