A lack of awareness among residents, less

Asurvey was conducted to learn the level of awareness in people about the greentechnology.

This survey helped us in making a team of intellectuals who arespecialised in different domain and contribute for keeping housing societyclean and green. Teachers gave theoretical knowledge, Businessmen were ready togive the financial support and they helped us in arranging the resources. Societytook the permission from government authorities for implementation of proposedschemes. We received an overwhelming response from residents. Flash mobs werearranged on different occasion to make it informative.

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 Survey Details:52flats of Salasar Brij Bhoomi Housing Society in Bhayander (West) were takeninto observation. Survey form was prepared for knowing the level of awarenessabout environment by considering the following criterias: 1.      Totalnumber of family members2.      Electricityconsumption in winter and summer3.      Useof electrical appliances (Star rating)4.      Segregationof waste5.      Waysyou are contributing to keep your society clean and green6.      Revenuegeneration for the procuring the needs of the society7.

      Treeplantation and its survival8.      Festivalcelebrations using eco friendly itemsSalasarBrij Bhoomi Housing Society in Bhayander (West) implemented a measure to reducewaste disposal by segregating the daily waste into dry waste which includesplastic, metals etc and wet waste (kitchen waste like cooked food, vegetables,fruits, rice starch etc). The wet waste was collected in “Organic wasteprocessor”. OWP is a BioCNG plant where good bacteria breakdown the organicmaterial in the absence of air producing cooking gas and organic manure. TheBioCNG plant runs without electricity.3Aftersegregating the waste the larger waste is passed through the shredder afterwhich it enters the digester which the decomposition takes place. It takes15-17 days to convert the waste into manure which is also called as”Biofertilizer”.

This Biofertilizer is used in gardening etc.Problemsfaced by society in implementation of techniques were lack of awareness amongresidents, less cooperation, lack of 100% literacy, lack of self motivation.planningwas done addressing the various issues faced by residents. Major issues takeninto consideration were water, electricity, organic waste, cleanliness andhealth & hygiene. Thefirst major concern was water saving.

Earlier water was supplied for 2 hours ina day. Supply of water was reduced to 30 minutes every day. We were able tosaving approximately 45% of water consumption daily. The second major concernwas electricity saving. Though the occupants were not sure about the success ofinstalling solar panels for saving electricity, after installation they werehappy about reduction of electricity bill. Hence the idea of implementation ofsolar panels was successful. Third major issue was disposal of waste at individuallevel. Awareness was created by hybrid groups of society comprising of youthand adults of various professions along with MBMC (Mira-Bhayander Municipalcorporation) professionals.

Idea of installing organic waste processor wasproposed and finalised. To install the OWP, “Raddi selling campaign” wasinitiated for revenue generation without creating additional burden on theresidents of the society. Fourth major concern was clean and green societysupporting “Clean India” campaign.  Flash mobs wereorganised in the society for cleanliness awareness on weekends and duringholidays. A association was formed to observe the cleanliness of the society.Trees were planted and survival was monitored on weekly basis. Last major concernas health and hygiene which was addresses by medical professionals by arranginghealth checkups camps free of cost twice a year.

 Future Scope:1.      Bysaving water today the society is contributing their bit towards the waterscarcity issue.2.      Byinstalling solar panels and using solar power the usage cost will bedrastically reduced and the installation cost will be recovered in the longrun.3.      Revenuecan be generated by selling the compost and cooking gas can be self utilized orsold.4.

      Bymaintaining clean and green environment, health and hygiene we can have ahealthy long life and inculcating good habits in future generation. 


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