A textbook education and focuses on their

A child learns best by having the freedom to explore, interact and
experiment. By introducing a pedagogy with no holidays, no fixed periods and a
flexible curriculum, this 365-day school model aims to free students from
conventional textbook education and focuses on their holistic development by
combining academics and co-curricular activities. The core philosophy of this vision
was to build a learning institution that encouraged a sense of ownership and inculcated a
sense of responsibility in its students by having boundary free classrooms.
By starting with fixing the access and keeping in mind the public
edge, two main entries were provided, one leading to the classrooms through the ground
(student access) and second, leading directly into the support spaces (staff access) on
the first floor. The design revolves around a central courtyard containing the staircase,
using it as a fun element. The classrooms are an amalgamation of spaces having private
spots exclusively for the students, such as mezzanines and small coves, and the
learning area for interaction with the teachers. With the inclusion of recreational spaces
such as a library, art and crafts room, open studio, herbs garden, pantry and open
grounds around the classrooms, the concept of a boundary free learning institute is

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