V is a document which

A C.V is a document which is used by people when they want to apply for certain and specific job role they want. A well organized and structed C.V is the best and most professional way to show yourself as a competent and intelligent person. A C.V with bad spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes can make the employer turned off on you and could make you lose the job instantly so it’s very important to have perfect grammar and spelling so they can understand your C.V. An example of what an employer would like to see is the qualifications they as well as the list of what that person has achieved, a list of achievements would be a very nice for the employer to see because usually most Employers must look at about 50 C.

V’s in one day so including something that will make you stand out and be unique goes a very long way. What is also essential to be included in a C.V would be the hobbies, interests of the candidate as this is will give an idea to the employer what type of person they are and if they are for example very outgoing person and can they work within a team environment and not be ego-centric

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