A oral cancer ,biomarkers has the main advantage

A biomarker is an non-invasive fluid which acts as indicator in case of any biochemical, biological, changes ie it may increase or decrease or any response to a body .Mainly it indicates specific response in the body which might be a molecule or any type of secretion which is used for diagnosis .eg in cancer, biomarkers acts as a tool for cancer detection or preventive measures in patients1.this can be identified only by comparsion studies of healthy indivual with disease patients which represents the absence of presence of markers2.oral cancer a type of cancer which occurs in mouth ,tongue,or nasal cavity .

where any cancerous tissue or lesion develops. According to survey,90/ of them are considred as oscc when compared to all oral tumours3.in oral cancer ,biomarkers has the main advantage of easily identifying the primary( pre malignant) and secondary (malignant) lesions or cancerous agent and also determines the levels of all chemical or any dNa changes (structural functional and,chemical abbreation)etc which acts as a ready identification of oral cancer4. Biomarkers are broadly classified into genomics, proteomics, metabolic s 5.saliva which is a invasive fluid acts as a primary detection since it has a direct contact with tissue or lesions present .where saliva contains protein such as m rna dna.so this becomes the potential biomarker6..

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