a. problems of customers. 4. Value proposition: It


There are various important business activities that are listed below: –
1. Customer relationships: It depicts that how business is creating demand for
their products with the help of customers. This is one of the most important
business activity for any business. It ensures about customer’s trust towards

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2. Channels: It decsribes how online system is going to distribute and sell
their products.

3. Customer Segments: This activity focuses on who are the customers and what
are their needs. It ensures that their product is going to solve the real life
problems of customers.

4. Value proposition: It emphasis on features and uniqueness of business, size
of market etc.

5. Customer’s feedback: the feedback of consumers is very essential because
with the help of customer’s feedback one can improve their business.

6. Key resources: It means a business must understand who are the suppliers and
other commodities.


There are various other things that must be keep in mind for successfully
running an online business. These are described below: –
1. High resolution images and videos: Online business must display multiple
photos per product. The images and videos need to be high resolution and don’t
take much time for loading.

2. User- generated reviews: The consumers are influenced by another’s customer
experience. Reviews played an important role for successful business and
customers buy more products that are having star rating.

3. Special offers: Special offers an ddiscount must be given on products so
that it should attract more customers.

4. Frequently asked questions (FAQ): FAQ must be provided so that if any
customer have query related to their business can clear their doubt here.

5. Security features: Every customer expects that the information they are
providing is secure and safe. There should not be any harm related to information
and only authenticate users should be able to access their site.


There should be a
server that will be listening all the requests from client and on client side
there is a need of operating system that is capable of running a web browser
which supports HTML.

The site must provide
with login capabilities.

The site must be
supported on mobile devices.

It must alert the
admin in case of problem.

The site must be easy
to use and should be user friendly.



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