A with his elder brother, Nabiel along


“He was trying to stay conscious…”

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Ashley Low Wei Sann

January 2018 – On the 15th of December 2016 at around 4.15a.m, an 18
year-old college student was pronounced dead on the spot with multiples slashes
on his neck and head to protect a friend in his group by a man who used a
machete to attack them after they came in between an argument between the man
and his ex-wife.     

Yacoob Nasran (picture),
was that 18-year-old college student who was killed near a pub located in Asia
City, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah after a night out with his elder brother, Nabiel
along with some of their friends.

Was it destined
that his life had to come to an end at that wrong place and time?

This horrible incident
occurred when the teenagers tried to make peace and stop an argument between a
fellow with his ex-wife near the pub, but failed to do so. Things got serious
after their involvement with the man and all of them ended up physically
hurting each other.

From there on, the
infuriated man took a machete out and started attacking them violently aiming
at one of the girls in his group.

Before the blade could
hurt the girl, Yacoob’s gentleman instincts made him step in between the
machete and the girl using his own body as a shield, which then took his life

The other members of
the group were injured as well as Nabiel, who was unconscious at the scene and
had several injuries from the heated moment.

 Moreover, two of his friends in the group had
small wounds and cuts on their lips and finger.

According to a source,
the BorneoPost Online, passerby Arfandi Jaafar claimed that he saw Yacoob
trying his best to stay alive on the ground after he was slashed in the neck
and head. “He tried to fight death. I could see it because he tried to sit up
but he was very weak. I think he just lost too much blood,” said Arfandi.

According to Arfandi
who later addressed that Yacoob looked like he was not suffering as he was not
struggling in pain or distress like normal people would. “He was just struggling to stay
conscious. I think he felt he was slipping away and he made one last attempt to
stay alive by lifting his back off the floor,” said Arfandi.

A few months later,
according to Borneo Today, the case has been solved. Police have arrested two
people in their 20s, who were working as car repossesses.

They were charged under
Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder. A total of five men and a woman were also
arrested as all were linked and involved in the murder of Yacoob.

Saving his friend
wasn’t the only heroic thing he did that night. With several slashed wounds on
his face and neck, Yacoob used his final energy and strength to check whether
his friends were safe.

Yacoob’s parents and
siblings had trouble accepting that their youngest son and brother had passed
away as they were not there with him on his last breath. Even for Nabiel, as he
was unconscious.

His sister paid a
tribute for him by posting on her Instagram with a picture and caption stating,
“I remember one of your favorite lines used to be ‘relax guys, life’s too short’.
It certainly was for you, baby brother. You are a hero; continue to look out
for everyone from above”.

His family and friends called
him a hero for saving the life of one of the girls in the group and portrayed
him as a “selfless” person.




Yaacob Nasran Died A Hero, Taking Blow Of Machete To Save Girl Friend







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