A. points. The hotel also does planning


Describe how you think the hotel’s management will Make sure that the way it manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business From the case analysis above, The hotel management of Penang Mutiara has adopted various methods that have enabled them to be competitive, they have realized that it’s cheaper to maintain an existing customer than looking for an new ones. They have gone an extra mile to understand that once in a while guest will come in agitate probably due to their experiences with their flights for instance losing their luggage, their have made sure that so that the guest is not agitate further for repeat guest, by the time the guest is checking in all their details are ready, “staff avoid their having to repeat the information they gave on the previous visit. Reception staff simply check to see if guests have stayed before, retrieve the information and take them straight to their room without irritating delays”, this way, the customer feels much appreciated.

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They have also gone an extra mile by ensuring that the customer demands are met without any delay, “A guest just should not be kept waiting. If a guest has a request, it has to be sorted out now” to do this they have to make sure that the staff are multi-skilled. The policy is making sure that restaurant staff can always do more than one job. It’s this kind of ?exibility which allows the hotel to maintain fast response to the customer.’ The Hotel has also ensure that they are Dependable, this is a a fundamental principle of a well-managed hotel.

“We must always keep our promises”. For example, rooms are ready on time and accounts are also ready for presentation when a guest departs; this minimizes the long queues at both check in and out points.The hotel also does planning in advance and anticipation of what could go wrong, their put up mechanism of how to cope with the problems or better still prevent them from occurring in the first place.The Hotel is also flexible to the customer demand, “We never like to say NO” they ensure that what customer wants, even if they don’t have they have to go the extra mile and get it for him, if however they happen not to get it, they negotiate with the customer for an alternative.

Even though Penang Mutiara has managed to maintain their competitive advantage currently, they should do a SWOT analysis and understand how their can remain competitive in the long run. This should assist Penang Mutiara to understand the areas where their should put more effortTheir should also adopt new strategies, let Penang Mutiara look for mechanism to attract new customers over and above the existing one, they should have questionnaire’s and market survey initiatives to understand the new emerging markets.Penang Mutiara should also introduce a loyalty programme for the frequent customers. Customers should be made to understand the benefits of the loyalty points.

Penang Mutiara should also have an online checking system where guests can be able to check-in in advance; in doing this the hotel should have a ready report that shows are the arrivals in a particular.a) Describe how you think the hotel’s management will Implement any change in strategy.Penang Mutiara Should have branches in as many destinations as possible, this will enhance customer brand loyalty in most regions. Considering that “There are many luxurious hotels in the South-East Asia region but few can compare with the Penang Mutiara” this means that they are already are brand to recon on and therefore no much struggling with the advertising aspect.The hotel should also conduct a market survey and determine what moves their customers, is it quality or cost? In so doing the hotel will be in a position to gauge their services and know what to put more focus on.They should also have complementary airport transfer services for their client, this will ensure that the guest are not worried as to what means they will have to use to get to the hotel, in so doing guests security will definitely be enhanced.The hotel should also adopt various cuisines, in doing so the guest will feel much appreciated.

They will also being looking forward to see various cuisines that are available at any particular. Describe how you think the hotel’s management will Develop its operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotelThey should also ensure that they adopt a low cost supply chain, in doing so this will enhance the quality of purchases, fast delivery and right prices. With a proper supply chain process stock outs of major items will be significantly reducedPenang Mutiara should have a hotel website. In it they should have as many facilities as possible, examples would warning the guest in advance of the current weather condition and the appropriate dress code for the weather, they can also highlight the uniques features available in the hotel, eg a kids club for the young ones., there also could be a feedback sections where guests can be able to air both their appreciations and complaints and probably give suggestions for improvement.Penang Mutiara can also set aside a budget for advertising themselves in both the digital and print media; this will enhance awareness in the market.They should also enhance the hotel with free wifi within the hotel premise and also ensure that all hotel rooms are fitted with sets of TV, Bibles, Quaran among othersThe case describes how quality, speed, dependability, ?exibility and cost impact on the hotel’s external customers.

Explain how each of these performance objectives might have internal bene?ts.Quality- Penang Mutiara is conscious on the quality of service offered to its guests, they have ensured that being courteous, and being knowleagble in order to give appropriate responses to guests. In doing this guest will always be happy and also employees are happy at the end of the day.

The staff of Penang Mutiara are always anticipates guest needs and thinking ahead to identify what will delight or upset the guest. In so doing all the staff members are always enthusiastic and challenge all the time as their anticipate the next client and see what they can offer, this will uplift the morale of the staff.They also help guest sort own problems, in this doing the employees feels that they have an extra mile and have a sense of accomplishment when a guest problem is sorted and the guest is happy.

In ensuring that guest get value for their money, they will keep on coming back to the same Hotel over and over againSpeed, This in terms of turnaround time to guest request, they don’t keep the customer waiting , in doing this it helps the hotel to have good revenues as there are no order cancelation since the customer’s request are responded to timely. In return the customer feels appreciated and looks forward to their next visit.Dependability, This means that the guest always gets what the request, Penang Mutiara for example ensures rooms must be ready on time and accounts are ready for presentation when a guest departs; in getting this the guests have more trust in the hotel capability to deliver to them at any time. This build the customers trust. This leads to more effective operations.?exibility, Penang Mutiara ensures flexibility by ensuring that their labour force consists of multi skilled employees, in doing so any one from any restaurant can be called upon to assist in any restaurant that is overwhelmed at any particular tine, In doing so employees feel appreciated and their skills are being fully utilized, customers on the hand have more confidence in the hotel services offered Cost, the hotel is keen on looking at areas where cost can be minimized,( food ; beverages and energy) however this does not effect the quality of service offered to the customer.

In giving the right service, the hotel is guaranteed a return back again of the customers. This ensures that they have full occupancy translating to more revenues.


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