A. of live and multilayered themes that

A. INTRODUCTIONFor centuries, Hamlet has remain one of Shakespeare’s best-known, most-performed, and most analysed plays and considered to be among most powerful and influental works in literary world.

Sets in 17th century Denmark, the play recounts the tragic tale of a prince named Hamlet who was tasked by the ghost of his father to avenge his murder by his uncle Claudio.B. FOCUS OF ANALYSISTragedy of Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest play, which contains within it, various fundamental aspects of live and multilayered themes that have been the subject of many critics examination for centuries. One particular subject, amongs many, is Hamlet’s apparent display of ¬¬¬¬¬¬reluctance in fulfilling the task given by the ghost of his father to avenge his murder.

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Throughout the play, Hamlet has been given various opportunity to finally be able to complete his task and yet he constantly delay in doing it. Over the remaining acts after the task was given, he takes very little action against his uncle although the ghost instruction is undisputably clear, swift and vicious revenge upon Claudius. Instead, he indulged in any pretext for doing nothing, thinking the matter over again, and gaining new excuse for the delay. The possible cause for this apparent delay is still object of debate among experts and scholars even now, and various theories regarding this issue are running rampant. This essay will particularly tackle the issue of this apparent delay and the possible circumstances surrounding the character that possibly be the root of the problem and what it reflects on our nature as a human being. In the view of gaining deeper understanding of the character Hamlet and the inherent qualities he possesses.C.

APPROACH/CONCEPTThis essay adopts the psychoanalysis theory approach that was established by Austrian Neurologist Sigmund Freud. This concept refers to the analysis of a literary work that involved torough observation of psychological endeavor of individual character within the work. It deals with motives especially hidden or disguised motives that helps justify the level of character action within the text. With the aim to create another means of understanding the text through psychological lens to better apprehend the inner working of human behaviour.This will be achieved by looking at the play itself. With particular emphasis upon the soliloquies since it is one of the strong points of the play. Interpersonal interaction between the characters will also be examined, with the emphasis on the dialogue scene beween Hamlet and the other main characters such as Horatio, Gertrude, Claudius, and Ophelia.

As well as the story events, present and past, that contribute in forming the dynamics of the play. Once again with paying close attention to the psychological aspect of the character.C. ANALYSYS/DISCUSSIOND.



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