A.) var y = “Sam Smith”; D.) Boolean


)   Values- they are what comprise of any data that can be manipulated by a computer program.Examples include; A digit (e.g. 1) or A letter (e.g. Z) or astring (e.

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g. Sam Smith).B.

)    Numbers –  This are arithmetic values used incounting or making calculations. In JavaScript the numbers can be writtenincluding their decimals. For example:                                                              var x = 2.

16; // With decimal var y = 18; // without decimalC.)    Strings – In JavaScript, astring refers to any characters written inside quotes.    E.

g. var y = “Sam Smith”;D.)   BooleanValues –    They are used representeither one of two values in JavaScript. For example                                           True/falseYes/No                                                                         E.)    Reserve words -This are wordsthat you cannot use as identifiers in JavaScript.

Examples;Boolean, catch, break.F.)    Unaryoperators – In JavaScript unary operators can be used for converting avariable to a number.

eg                                                                                                                                                                                                                           var z = “5”; var y = + z; G.)   Automatictype Conversion – this iswhere JavaScript encounters a “wrong” data type, and thus triesconverting it to the right one. E.g.

 10 + null // returns10 because null is converted to 0. – H.)   Variables– In JavaScript Variables are used to store values.  E.g.

                                                                var u = 10;var v = 11;var z = u + v;                                   I.)      Expressions – In JavaScript,anexpression is any valid set of variables, operators, and expressions thatevaluates to a single value.  E.

g.x=8.  The expression assigns X to thevalue 8.  J.

)     Keywords– they are words in JavaScript that you cannot use to name labels or variables.E.g.

float, Boolean, double.     


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