CONCLUSIONThe successful conclusions of both

. CONCLUSIONThe successful conclusions of both the three initiatives and the KSA pillars of the vision 2030; the Marshall Plan are; creation of the IMF, the adoption of the First Decade of Development and on the common vision of shared development among world leaders. The KSA as the heart of the Arabs and Muslim world, diversification of the economy and the geographical location as a connectivity hub for Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Marshall Plan carried out in Europe, Asai, and Africa will attest to the significance of international solidarity accorded to the production capacity building and stable economic growth. The implementation of the Marshall Plan highly significant exploration of the development cooperation, as guide principle for the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The manner in which European countries were accorded to the IMF obligations pave way for successful multilateral international payments system.. The flexibility demonstrated by IMF provides a valuable policy lesson that is highly relevant today and other nations to follow. In the nutshell, the KSA vision is highly remarkable and achievable based on the various pillars outlined for priority implementation using the AHP and economic integration theory of studies. The government looks forward to resourcing the citizenry and all well-meaning technocrats to bring forth ideas in realizing the dreams.

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