Thousands not live to have offspring. Natural selection

Thousands of species inhabit this earth from
microorganisms to terrestrials. All of this diversity derives from a common ancestor.

As time passes, inherited traits create speciation, which is the formation of
new species due to lineage splitting. Genetic diversity plays a vital role in
an organism’s adaptability. If a population’s environment changes, the
population will either adapt in order to survive or they will go extinct.

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Natural selection is a process that is required for
evolution. It is when traits that increase fitness are passed from generation
to generation, it also allows all generations to survive. Nevertheless,
characteristics that are not fit for the environment and survival are not
passed down due to the fact that most individuals carrying the trait will not
live to have offspring. Natural selection is a product of changing to adapt
more effectively to the environment itself.  “Extrapolation of these results suggest that, of
the estimated 70,000 species still to be described, more than half already have
been collected and are stored in herbaria” (Herbaria are a major frontier for species discovery,
2010). Thousands of new species are discovered every year because of evolution.

Especially with global climate change, animals must adapt with the new environment.


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