. the field of semiconductor device. In

. Nickel Sulphide Nanoparticle Synthesized by Hydrothermal method for Energy Storage Device.Rekha Bhardwaj1 , Ranjana Jha1 ,Medha Bhushan1, Ritu Goel 2 Research lab for energy systems , Department of PhysicsNetaji Subhas Institute of Technology ,University of Delhi, New Delhi-110078.

2IGDTUW,New Delhi-110006Email id.- [email protected] applications in field of physics make metal sulfide nanoparticle an attractive area of research. Among the metal sulfide, nickel sulfide (NiS) have received attention due to their potentials in the field of semiconductor device. In this paper, we have discussed the Synthesis of ?-NiS.

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Nickel sulphide nanorods have been hydrothermally synthesized in the presence of ammonia and trisodium citrate .Morphology of Nickel Sulphide depending upon the reaction temperature, trisodium citrate and ammonia is used for the probable growth for nanorod. Ammonia is not only to tune the pH value of the solution but its also remove the other form of Nickel Sulphide such as Ni2S3, Ni3S4, and Ni9S8 in the products.

. The structure of the prepared nickel sulphide nanomaterials were characterized by XRD, UV-VIS, and Photoluminescence spectrophotometer. Particles sizes of Nanopowders are calculated by Debye Scherer formula. Nickel sulphide nanoparticles can be directly used as a Electrode for a high performance Supercapacitor, Lithium ion batteries and Thin film solar cell.


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