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-88900-203200DIPLOMA CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGENGINEERING COMMUNICATION The Physics Of ArcheryMelissa Manuel16002004572000218256965IntroductionPhysics is a science that studies matter, its motion through space and time as well as energy and force. The main goal of physics is to understand how the universe works. Archery is the practice of using a bow to propel arrows over a distance. I’ve always been drawn to physics, there’s just something about finding out how everything in the universe works that intrigues me.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to learn archery. It’s a good way to relieve stress and improve focus. (Reference) The use of the bow and arrow started in the late Stone Age. The bow and arrow was used in warfare. Egyptian warriors used the earliest known composite bow. Short bows were originally only 3 feet long and had little effectiveness against medieval armor. Firearms had begun to replace the bow and arrow by the beginning of the early modern period.

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These days archery is more of a sport than a martial discipline, but it is still used for hunting and as an activity in its own right. The shooting process of bows and arrows, and the flight of the arrow towards the target is explained by physics, mainly mechanics, aerodynamics and elasticity. The applications of mechanics in archery involve velocity, acceleration, deceleration, energy and many more.Energy(Kooi, 1980) states that a bow can store mechanical energy. Its special feature is that the energy delivered by the human body can be quickly released to arrow in an effective way. (Marlow, 1979) states that when a bow is drawn, the shape of the bow is changed, giving it potential energy that acts as a spring.Velocity(Meyer, 2015) states that, a chronograph is usually used to measure the speed of an arrow.

An accuracy of 0,5 m/s from the measured time difference is used to deduce the speed of an arrow. (Tuijin & Kooi, 1992, 127-134) states that, the lighter the string, the higher the velocity, but the thicker the string the stiffer it is, and the higher the velocityAccelerationThe arrow accelerates over a distance from full draw to brace height, by the force. (Meyer, 2015) states that the force differs with each draw and has a maximum of 200N. During acceleration the arrow is compressed lengthwise between nock and tip by an axial force and the phase of acceleration lasts about 13m/s. ConclusionScientific methods are applied to topics ranging from the mechanics of bows and arrows, to the launch process and flight of the arrow. Physics laws help us understand our equipment and allow us to make predictions.

Physics is used in our everyday lives without us noticingReference list


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